Let the Good Times Roll

I was cruising my blog roll this afternoon and when I came to the Fat Quarterly blog I saw they had a featured crafter post featuring ME. Whoa Nelly!!! Little ole me. I feel a bit like I'm bragging but do pop over and have a look.

I'm off to a sewing camp tomorrow. I've wound bobbins, put in a fresh needle, packed 2 quick unpicks... I'm ready to go, come rain, hail or shine

It's goes for the whole weekend with classes run by Chris Jurd and Ann Murray. Unfortunately I can only go for the day as we're having out of town visitors, it's non stop action here in Daisyland.
I'll be back soon with photos of fun times.


Let the Good Times Roll


  1. Wow! You're FAMOUS! Great interview, and I really do love all your quilts, though I don't know how you find the time with that daily commute.

  2. Congrats Rachael!! Hope you had fun at camp -pity about the car.

  3. I've just read your FQ interview, it was great to see your wonderful quilts and hear more about you. I hope you had a great productive weekend.


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