Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2010

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Sydney Craft and Quilt Show at Darling Harbour was where I first decided that I would make a quilt so when I go each year it feels like an anniversary celebration. It was a magical sunny, blue sky day. Hard to believe it's the middle of winter.

I arrived nice and early on Sunday morning. A great time to go as there weren't the crowds that we waded through last year on a Friday. I had planned to just look at the quilt show and not look at the shops but seeing as there was room to wander and browse I couldn't resist.

I just bought a few little fat quarters for nothing in mind other than being a bit different or a super bargain.

I visited all my favourite stalls.
Quilter's Barn for their beautiful Yuwa fabrics and they're always so friendly.
Punch with Judy who have every sundry for quilting, where I bought some glass head, extra sharp pins. I have a bit of a fetish for pins. I love having all the different types for different things.
Prints Charming to see their new book but happily for them, but sadly for me, they'd sold out. I bought a hand printed fat quarter to console myself. They're pushing the idea of using their designs as a base for chunky folky embroidery, The effect is wonderful!!!
Material Obsession of course, just to see their fun, colourful, bright quilts in real life and to soak up some of their exuberance.
Patchwork on Central Park always have some exotic fabric that catches my eye, this year it was Liberty and Nani Iro's latest range whose fabric I love for being so different and are like art on fabric.
Amitie, I love the riot of colour in this stall! Their BOMs tempt me, but I have to finish my UFOs and WIPs before I even consider a BOM!!!

And there's a few other shops that I like to look at as I wander around. It really is eye candy everywhere you look!!

I came across a new stall that had me yelp with glee!!! They sold socks!! But not just any socks...

Sock Monkey Socks!!!!!!

I just love sock monkeys!!!!

I tried to get some of the proper red heeled socks a few years ago but the company in the US who makes them wouldn't ship overseas. Luckily for us Aussies the clever people at Campbell's Store in Morpeth have started importing them. You'll be seeing a monkey made by me in a post soon! I think GBF looks like a sock monkey, he dosen't think so, but he does! I mean that in the nicest way.

I mention Patchwork on Central Park had Liberty fabrics. They've been the talk of the town on blogs I read lately. People say how soft they are and what pretty designs.. they Are beautiful! And soft! and in a league of their own. I found a couple I just had to have.

This grey and black large scale floral caught my eye. Its such a great grey, really stormy but silvery. And those dandelions just had to be mine!

This is more pretty in a peachy pinky way...

Cute little girl walking her dog...

Pink bunny riding a bike...

Little bear driving along, and someone has put out the rubbish...

And here is a house burning down!!! Weird!! But it gets stranger...

This lovely fabric features bows, dolls, prams, cotton reels and...

.. hand grenades, machine guns, motorbikes!!! Very Weird!!!

The quilt show was wonderful!! I thought there was less quilts this year. Janet from Quiltsalot said in her post about the Show that it was down about 100 quilts. I wonder why? That dosen't mean they're weren't a lot to see!! There was traditional, modern, clever piecing, beautiful applique. I don't feel comfotable showing photos without permission but I'll sneak this little sweetie in. A little quilted butterfly.

To see an award winning quilt go to Chris Jurd's site to see her stunning Birds of Paradise Quilt. It really is the most beautiful and clever quilt.

All in all it was a wonderful day and a great way to spend an anniversary!!


Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2010

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