A little side story about my first quilt.

GBF loves this story and says I should have put it in my post about my first quilt.

When we went to The Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair I got the bug and decided I would buy some quilt making things. I went to one of the biggest sundry stands, Punch With Judy, and was helped to buy a rotary cutter, cutting board and ruler. I was obviously a newbie and the man helping us said a few times that I should start with a pot holder or cushion.

GBF echoed his words while I was online planning what fabrics I needed for my queen size quilt. "Yeah Yeah, I made a cushion when I was at High School!" I replied.

"I think we need some pot holders" said GBF a few weeks later when my packages of fabrics arrived.
"Yeah, Yeah, just after I finish this" I said above the whirr of the sewing machine.

So I made my queen size quilt and I'm still yet to make some pot holders.


Oh, Fransson! has just posted a tutorial on some great pot holders that I'm very tempted to make, I just have about 5 quilts to finish first.

A little side story about my first quilt.

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