Pinky/Red Something

It's about time I made something with my pink and red fabrics. The cherry fabric has been in my stash for years, in the days before I even had a stash! I really can't remember why I bought it, probably just because I liked it. The pretty bird fabric is Jennifer Paganelli's Nuala, the Girlfriends range toile. The aqua and red version of this is my favourite fabric of all time. Its out of print now, sadly. sigh..

Anyway, this is the front of my Pinky/Red Something ...

And this is the inside...

Such a sweet bird, from Lakehouse fabrics, Tea Time 3.

I left the fluffy, raw edge of the japanese fabric because I like the texture.

This is the back... The pink and red fabric is Henna Garden by Sandi Henderson. Its such a great pattern, modern, yet pretty. I've got it in blue as well.

I found this cream and red fabric on Etsy. I love its vintage look. And it's got a bird on it. I'm a sucker for any fabric with birds!

So what is my Pinky/Red Something????

There's a pocket to put my sketch/ideas book...
but that's not all...
Drum roll...
there's a...

.... gorgeous pink Laptop!!!!! Well, a netbook. It's only 10.5 inches, so cute! And perfect for when I'm commuting to and from work. I'll be able to blog from the train!

How lucky am I?! It a "just because" present from GBF. hmmm, maybe it's just because I've been hogging his computer too much...

I love that he chose a pink one. I've named her Coco, short for Coconut Ice and it sounds rather glamourous. I like naming my things. My car is called Bluebell because she's blue, and when I start seeing bluebell flowers coming into bloom I know the car registration is due. My sewing machine is called Lorraine because its a good quilting name. I wonder if other people name their sewing machines?
From now on when you read my posts you'll know they've been written on a pink computer called Coco with a pinky/red cover. Maybe I should get some nail polish to match.

Pinky/Red Something


  1. That is toooooooooo pretty. My sister has the exact same netbook and it is so cute and petite and girly! I love birds too - on fabrics, applique just not a dead one brought in by the cats - or even worse, half alive!

  2. What a lucky girl - I've wanted one of these for ages!
    HAve fun at your class this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the results.


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