My Official Blog Opening

Yay!! I've finally started a blog!! After all the hours I spend reading other peoples blogs I thought it was about time I gave out a bit to the bloggy world too.

So where do I start? My name is Rachael, I live in Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. On weekdays I travel by train to Sydney where I manage a flower shop. My passion is patchwork and quilting which I've been doing since June 2008 ( I nervously bought my first rotary cutter and cutting mat and a few fat quaters from the 2008 Patchwork and Quilting Show in Darling Harbour). I've got a lovely boyfriend who is lots of fun and we enjoy cooking yummy food and drinking delicious wine or interesting cocktails.. I guess these are all the things you'll find me talking about.
Now.. where's the champagne!! Cheers!!

My Official Blog Opening


  1. Hi Rachael...thought I'd go back to where you started it all!!! I love your blog...and here's a big cheers to your and your lovely boyfriend!!! Dzintra
    PS I love to cook yummy food too...of course with a drink alongside ha ha!!!

  2. Hello Rachael
    I just had to come back here and say hello, Love your photo of your official blog opening, very cool.


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