Good things are coming...


Its been ages since I've done something that has given me butterflies in my stomach. This morning I dropped off 2 of my quilts to be exhibited at the 5th Annual Springwood High School Community Quilt Show. Quilts that I've bumbled through - I made them before I'd had any lessons. They're both slightly wonky and have my trademark puckers. When I made them I had no idea they'd one day go out in public. My darlings are going to be hanging amongst the works of some of the very best quilters in Australia. Yikes!!!

Okay, so I'm a bit nervous but I'm also very excited. I'm off soon to help hang them so it'll be fun to see what happens behind the scenes rather than just be a spectator. A nice feeling to be part of it all.

So stay tuned for photos of my quilts at the show...

The other thing that is coming soon is a e-zine called Fat Quarterly ( what a fantastic name!!!). It sounds like it'll be worth checking out.

Do you like the pictures? They're of a fabric I got a little while ago. I find myself getting it out just to look at it. It hasn't been pegged for any projects yet but I like knowing it's there, quietly waiting for the right moment.
The kettle's boiling.. "hold on, I'm coming!!!"


Good things are coming...

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  1. Hi Rachael - I stumbled onto your blog via a comment you left for Erica! What a beautiful site it is and why didn't you tell me to come on over.
    Your quilts look fantastic at the show and your work is beautiful. I love your fabric choices and sense of colour.
    Thanks so much for volunteering over the weekend - it's so great to have "young" ones so interested.


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