Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chains of Hearts

Valentines is approaching at a fast pace. It'll be here in a heartbeat!

I must have been thinking about sewing when I came up with this window display
Paper hearts joined by giant stitches.
It's going to be a crazy few days in the flower shop with too many sharp rose thorns, but at least all the romance makes people smile. Today I helped a young man write a poem to his new girl friend. His excitement reminded me of the first flutter of love. I had another customer who has been buying his wife Valentines roses for 50 years. There's definitely amore in the air!
Have you noticed all the love going on in the bloggy world? Here's a few of my favourites...

Sis Boom is hosting a whole month of Love. There's things to print out and make and lots to oooohh and aaahhh at. You should see the collage Love cushion Jennifer has made!

Another must see is Basket Full of Scraps. Sujata has proposed a challenge for the month of February to make a small scrappy quilt with the theme of Love. The first quilt has been posted by Kelly of Pinkadot Quilts and it's absolutely stunning! I'm sure there'll be some other lovelies to follow soon.

Not necessarily about love but guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat is the 2 quilts shown in Chris Jurd's latest post at Patchwork Fundamentals. She never ceases to amaze me!!

So anyway, how about you? Do you have Valentines plans? You can always come and help me dethorn a zillion roses!



Melody said...

Hope your fingers survive the dethorning and you have a good rest when it is all over.

Marg said...

The window display is lovely, and no thanks, I've dethorned roses for a girlfriend, never again!!!!!!

melissa said...

The stitched hearts look gorgeous! Happy dethorning i dont envy you one bit!

Sujata said...

I love all those hearts dangling in the window. How cute that the young man is writing a poem.. Oh...Reminds me of the time when I used to sit and make cards for hours with my kids.
I am sure it is great to be around all that loving energy!
I am still working on my scrap challenge!

Adele said...

Well i have been there done that i was a florist for 4 years in Albury before i moved to Melbourne. Never want to see another thorn again lol.

Valentine's well the day will be quiet I got my pressy early we went and spent 2 days in Brissy last weekend and i got a few more Pandora Charms and a new sewing machine last month and today i went shopping and got a new trendy ironing board i wanted. How's that :)

The strings of hearts are really cute by the way.

Melissa P said...

I love the way the striped ribbon adds an extra something special to your chains of hearts.

Hang in there! I'd come right over and help but...the distance saves me from those nasty thorn injuries. :)

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Adorable, love the striped ribbon! I too have dethorned roses and it is no fun! What a fun place to work!

smazoochie said...

Valentine's is a real mixed blessing for you! Best wishes to you and your pricked fingers!
xo, Beth


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