It's only one block, but it deserves lots of photos because it's the most sewing I've done in a while. 

This spinning star of spotty sparkles is my contribution to the Springwood Community Quilt Show's 2016 raffle quilt. The pattern is Chris Jurd's Lots of Dots quilt. Chris is the featured quilter for the 2016 show and her Lots of Dots won the viewer's choice award a few years ago so it was the obvious choice for the raffle quilt. You can see more blocks on the Springwood Quilt Show blog.

It hasn't been all work and chores getting in the way of my sewing, in fact Mr Daisy and I got away for a few days and headed for the country. We explored old towns with lots of character and enjoyed scenic views. It was a region known for it's wine so we sampled some of the local produce as well.

I love the name of this store "Fancy Goods Emporium". The building was being renovated but I think it would be a such a great name for a quilt and haberdashery shop.

I didn't buy these shoes that I spotted in an op shop though I did think if I wore them I could reach the top of my design wall without needing my little step ladder. One can only wonder at the outfit they were worn with.

Moving closer to home, here's Simply Moderne in my local newsagents!!  Like it's fellow publication Quiltmania it takes a while for these magazines to arrive in our Aussie newsagents but for those who were wondering you should be able to find a copy now. 

And something for the other side of the world... This is a friendly reminder for all those going to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza this weekend to watch out for my Happy as A Clam Quilt. I hope it does it's job of making you smile.  
Here are the other dates it will be appearing as part of the World Quilt Show:
QuiltFest Oasis Palm Springs ( Palm Springs, California) - October 8th-10th
Pacific International Quilt Festival ( San Francisco Bay Area) - October  15th - 18th

I started this post with something I've sewn so I'll finish with the next project on the list. I recently pulled out this scrappy trip around the world quilt top that I made a few years ago but have decided it needs another row. I don't think I'll have any trouble finding fabrics to match, it's all a bit "Throw it all in and see what happens!", gotta love that easy scrappy style!!

I hope stupendous things have been filling your days too.