The quilt show's not 'today' anymore, in fact a week has flown by since the The Springwood Community Quilt Show, like a rocket with turbo boosters, but here are my photos of this year's show, better late than never. 

I don't know who started the tradition of strings of pretty blocks that decorate the way to a quilt show's entrance but it's such a lovely welcome. 

As a sucker for a house block this sweet one caught my eye. A happy home amongst the trees in the mountains. 

I guess I don't need to tell you that the hall was filled with lots of wonderful quilts. There seemed to be more applique this year, and some great quilts made for men featuring motorcycles, football teams and favourite rock bands. I didn't take photos out of respect to the quilters without their permission but I'll make up for it by showing you the amazing work of Rhonda Pearce. 

Rhonda was this year's featured quilter and her quilts were breathtaking. 

This impressive quilt was up on the stage which is why it's taken at a strange angle, though I nearly did faint when I saw the amazing details up close.

Perfect, teeny tiny quilting stitches. 

beautiful applique

gorgeous fabric choices.

It's easy to see why Baltimore Classic won First Place for Traditional Applique and Viewers Choice at the Houston Show, 2013. The inspiration quilt is hanging in a museum in Bath, Uk and dates back to 1847. 

Insanity is the name of Rhonda's pretty hexagon quilt. It's her most popular pattern and has been made by many quilters around the world. I just got this close up photo because I didn't want to fall off the stage.

Now if the previous quilt was called Insanity, I wonder what Rhonda will call this quilt. She finished piecing it in time for the show so it's just a top, not a quilt yet. 

Lots and lots and lots of tiny hexagons. It was quite mind boggling to consider the work that has gone into it.

Next up is Rhonda's version of the Ann Randoll Coverlet which was adapted from a quilt given to the V&A museum, London, by the Coate Family in the memory of Randoll Coate. c 1802. I stood for ages in front of this quilt admiring all the beautiful fabrics, perfect piecing and applique.

My Patchwork Journey is a lovely name for this next quilt. I really liked the pops of hot pink throughtout this quilt. Once again he details were perfection. A huge thank you to Rhonda for giving me permission to share some of her patchwork journey through these photos. 

It wouldn't be the Springwood Quilt Show without Isobel hand quilting her beautiful quilts, and chatting to everyone who stopped by.

As for the quilts I had on display they were mostly ones you've seen before.  
Gypsy Carnival which I described as "an experiment with prairie points, taking them from the edge and giving them a central role."

Conversation featuring Jessica Wheelahans printed fabrics. You might remember this quilt from the fun photo shoot I had with it. (The colourful part along the bottom belongs to the quilt hanging behind it.)

Grandiflora, This quilt is a few years old now but it spent some time overseas in the US and then had a holiday in Ballarat. My quilts travel more than I do.  

Here's a quilt you haven't seen before. Ric Rac Razzamatazz is my contribution to a book that is coming out soon called Desert to Sea. It will feature several Aussie quilters and has been compiled by Jane Davidson, also known as Quilt Jane.  I'll show better photos of it soon. 
And this is the back of my 5th entry, which I'm not going to show as yet... but check out the backing. It's rare that I make a backing from one fabric, usually preferring the scrappier look of mixed fabrics. I decided on this fabric but I knew a mismatched seam down the center would annoy me. It took a lot of pinning to get the pattern to line up but it was so worth it. 

Thank you to all the lovely people that left wonderful messages and kind compliments on the viewers choice slips. The quilters get them with their quilts and it really is special to know that someone liked a quilt enough to choose it as a favourite. 

And thank you to all those who came up to say hello to me. It really made my day!! Quilters are the best, most friendly people!! 

So that's my Springwood Community Show wrap up for 2015. Next year's show is already promising to be a beauty with a very special featured quilter and I know you're going to love the raffle quilt. Follow the Springwood Show blog if you want to keep up with all the latest news.