Friday, January 27, 2017

Summer days...

I seem to have lots of random fun photos to share, probably enough for a few posts but I'm going throw them all in together and see how it goes.

The next few photos are from our trip to visit family over Christmas.

Yes it's chocolate!! A big yummy scrummy chocolate pizza. As much as I was tempted I didn't eat it. We got it as a gift for my brother's family. I thought it was great that my niece's comment when she saw it was " I want to make one!". Yay! she's a maker!

This is where we found it. The Corowa Chocolate Factory. Corowa is a pretty town near the NSW/VIC border. 

I didn't take many photos over Christmas. There was a point where I brushed Mr Daisy off because I was checking my phone but then I realised that I wasn't being present in the moment. I mean really, it was Christmas and our first family Christmas in 10 years! I put my phone away and didn't bring it out very often. 

I did have to take a photo of this rice and salmon slice that Mr D and his mum made. It was just so Christmassy! 

We found this cute dog at the Botanical Gardens in Ballarat.

Across the road we visited the black swans at Lake Wendouree. These birds were such a big part of my childhood. I always think of them when I would hear the fairytale of The Ugly Duckling.

And I strongly believed fairies would paint their beaks red at night time.

From one lake to another. 
On our trip home we did a detour to Canberra,  What a great city! For a big capital city of Australia it's amazingly green and full of parks with Lake Burley Griffin in the center. 

We had a wonderful day visiting the National Gallery of Australia where we saw an exhibition of treasures from Versailles and lots of wonderful art of all types. 
This photo is of one of the tapestries from Versailles. 

By now you can see I take photos of very random things.  Like this cow spotted in on a wall Gundagai.

and a luscious green tree near by.

Back at home...
One morning I was drinking my tea and noticed my cup matched my table cloth. I guess I like blue daisies.

Another food photo. A delicious dish prepared by Mr Daisy. I'm so lucky that he's an amazing cook. He says he cooks me yummy things to lure me out of my sewing room. It works!

A pretty parrot came to visit us in our mountains home one day. We never feed the birds because we live on the edge of the bush which is like a giant supermarket for birds. But still, they like to visit and chatter at us as though they're telling us their news. 

Another homey photo... I have quite a collection of vases from my florist days. I've run out of shelves and cupboards to store them so one day I put the glass ones on a window sill. I love the way the light shines through them like a 3D stained glass window. 

Now for some photos by someone else - Thank you to Jennifer Wood for taking these wonderful photos of me when I was doing my trunk show of quilts for the Illawarra Quilters, last November.

I know I've said it before but I love the Illawarra Quilters. They are just the most wonderful group of friendly and enthusiastic quilters.

And now to my sewing...

I've been making more folded point block quilts. I've got a few on the go. I think it'll be great to show people who take my classes different styles and different settings for the blocks. Plus they're fun to make. 
If you're interested in joining in the classes at Material Obsession I think there are a couple of spots left. The days are every second Tuesday of the month or every fourth Friday, 10am - 1pm . Call Material Obsession on 9819 6455 or visit their website here or email me for more information.

I made this block for the Quilt NSW hoop display. I kick myself a bit when I look at this photo because this block has a mistake that I didn't notice until it was finished. Arrgghh!! Don't you hate it when that happens!! In my defence I made it on a day that reached 47/117 degrees so I'll blame it on heat stroke. Can you see it? 

I always like to leave you with a smile... so until I'm back with more random photos here's a lovely summery happy mango smile.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Stepping into the new year

Mr Daisy and I enjoy walking when we can. Nothing too monumental. A half an hour brisk walk in the early morning before the working day begins or a more lengthy stroll in the long luxurious summer evenings that make it feel as though there are extra hours in the day. On weekends we venture further afield to find new vistas.

Recently on the way to the supermarket we thought we'd do a quick explore of a track 5 minutes away from the shops. Caught up in it's beauty we postponed the shopping and took our time following the full track.  

I took photos along the way to share.

The flower fairy in me jumped with delight when I saw these beautiful Flannel Flowers along the path. They are native to the Sydney region of Australia and get their name from the texture of their petals and leaves which do indeed feel like flannel. 

From velvet softness to big tough spiky banksias. I know I'm biased but I love Australian flowers!

How could we resist following a pretty path like this. 

It led us to a blue gum forest

Beautiful pale trunks reaching for the sky.

Down below, little pops of colour catch my eye.

You wouldn't believe this pretty flower is known as a Mountain Devil. It gets it's nickname from the seed pod that has two little spikes like devil's horns.

I'm always impressed see where some plants decide to make their home.

I stop to admire leaves

and logs

and calm neutral tones of moss and lichen.

Happy heart!

As we walk we chat - quite often about how lucky we are to be walking the tracks of the Blue Mountains. Each path has it's own character. Sometimes we're led into valleys, or along ridges to breathtaking views. We like to identify the birds whose calls, sqwarks and twitterings we hear. I point out and name the flowers, Mr Daisy enjoys recognising the different trees. 

Another day we did a walk that had a winding path that led us up and down valleys to see not just 1 but four different waterfalls!  That was the day my camera wasn't charged so I only have one photo to share.

We even sometimes walk in the rain.

Or simply wander around our garden.

Okay, okay... Enough talking of walking, I know you're wondering... "Has Rachael been sewing?!?"
I'm happy to say "Yes I have!!"
I've been working on more Whizz Bang! style quilts.

But I'll leave those photos until the next post...
There's no rush, sometimes it's good to take one step at a time. 


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