Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Best in Show!! Fair and Square

Oh my golly - it's happened again!!!

My quilt Fair and Square won First Place in the modern traditional category at the Australian Modern Quilt Show. 

And when they announced Best In Show it was My name they called. 

Here I am in front if the award winning quilt. It's another one of my giant yoyo quilts. You can call me a crazy yoyo lady if you like :)

This is just a quick post. I'm still catching my breath after a busy weekend. I'll be back with more photos soon but in the meantime I'd like to send out some thankyous to:
  • The Sydney Modern Quilt Guild for putting on an amazing show. 
  • The volunteers who helped. 
  • The judges, Anna Maria Horner, Carolyn Friedlander and Lisa Cahill. 
  • Anna Maria Horner and Carolyn Friedlander for coming to Australia, teaching workshops and spending time at the show. They both added such a special magic to the weekend.
  • Thank you to all of the sponsors for supporting the show 
  • especially Bernina Australia who supplied the Best in Show prize of a fabulous sewing machine.
  • and Material Obsession for their super duper pack of fabric and awesome sewing goodies that was the prize for First Place in Modern Traditional.
  • All my friends, family and lovely people who have congratulated me and complimented my quilt.
  • Last but not least Mr Daisy who is my biggest fan.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Thanksgiving isn't a holiday here in Australia but I do like the idea of being thankful and goodness knows I have a lot to be thankful for. Too much to list here but here are just a couple of things I'm thankful for today.

The latest Simply Moderne magazine arrived in my letterbox.

Lo and behold - there's an article about me and photos of my quilts. 

I couldn't resist a photo of myself holding up the photo of myself. The photo in the magazine is a photo of when I won Best in Show at Sydney this year. I think I had that happy but shocked look on my face for quite a while afterwards.

Ever since Carol from Simply Moderne saw my Undercover Colour quilt hanging in the 2015 Sydney Quilt Show she knew she wanted it as a pattern for the magazine. It's always fun seeing how they display and photograph quilts. They've made it look so perfect for Christmas. 

For those who havent seen this quilt before the twist is that each of the shapes flip up to reveal a colour underneath. It was my way of making a colourful quilt for the red and white challenge at the 2015 Sydney Quilt Show. 

It would be wonderful to see it made in other colours with different surprises behind the shapes. 

No it's all about me, there's lots of other great things in this edition, in fact the magazine is jam packed with wonderful things. This is just a taste of the other great features. 

A pattern called Tennessee Lightning by LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts

A really interesting article by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession. She talks about our stashes, how to organise them and use them. Kathy also has a great hexagon pattern.

There are features about quilt shows in Tokyo and Vermont with lots of quilt photos.

Articles about two of my favourite quilting legends, Ruth McDowell

And Keiko Goke who's quilts always make me smile. 

Plus more patterns and projects to make, other featured quilters, every page is inspiring eye candy.
Here's the cover again so you know what to look out for or buy here direct from Simply Moderne/ Quiltmania.

The Australian Modern Quilt Show is this weekend!!! As the sun rises tomorrow morning I'll be catching the train into Sydney to go and help set up the hall and hang quilts. I'm very thankful to have two quilts in the show. They're two new ones that I'm looking forward to sharing with you but I'll be busy at the show so won't be able to blog about them until next week. If you haven't found me on instagram yet I'm @bluemountaindaisy and I'll post photos of my quilts and the show there.  I love blogging but I've finally seen how convenient, easy and fun instagram is. 

Here are all the details of the Modern Quilt Show. Make it if you can, I know it's going to be a really great show.

So happy Thanksgiving everyone whether it's a holiday in your country or not, it's always good to be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Days in Daisy Town - A finished quilt.

Finally, after showing you lots of houses, it's time to show you how they all came together in a quilt. 

I admit I dithered over hot to put the blocks together because I felt as though I had to do something super special because so many people had contributed to the quilt with their beautiful house blocks. Some of the options I played with were pieced people or trees amongst the houses. I thought it could be fun to add a quote with pieced words, or a quirky border of some sort. Maybe I should use one unifying fabric or colour as sashing between all the blocks. 

In the end I realised I was overthinking it  - it was the houses themselves that made this project special. It didn't need fancy things added that would take away from the beautiful pieces people had sent me.

So keeping the focus on the blocks. I added joining strips here and there, and made some cubby houses for areas that were bigger. It was like playing with a giant puzzle. It came together without too much trouble. The main thing I added was a flower in the bottom left corner on Karen's block to tie in with Kelly's blue daisy in the top right corner. The flowers are by no means matching but they do add just the littlest bit of coherence to the quilt. I also hand quilted the quilt with lots of different coloured perle8 thread with different patterns to suit the different houses.

You have to love a husband that spends his day off messing around with ropes and ladders to help me get a photo of a quilt amongst trees. 

I hadn't sewn on a hanging sleeve so colourful pegs had to do.

However it a gust of wind came along and blew the quilt around.

Before long some of the pegs flew off!

But it made me think the quilt was trying to show off it's backing.

So here's a photo with a tree in the way... as you can see I used a mix of fresh green and blue fabrics. I love raiding my stash to make pieced backings. 

Some of the houses had special placements in the quilt. These two houses are made by Marg and Shay. They are best friends who met through blogging. In real life they live on different sides of Australia but in Daisy Town they're neighbours.

I put LeeAnn Nifty's quilt in the middle of the quilt because her house was the beginning of the quilt. 

Other blocks just looked right together. 

When I invited people to make a house I said there were no rules with the blocks: no particular style,  colour or even size restrictions. Seeing the quilt gives you an idea of the range of different sizes and styles. It one of the things I really like about the quilt.

As for the name - I think Happy Days in Daisy Town says it all. 
Happy Days in Daisy Town by Rachaeldaisy,  90 x 60 inches.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who contributed to this fun quilt, and thank you to all the people who have followed along reading about each of the houses. I hope it meets your expectations.  

If you're new to this project you can jump back in time to previous posts to read more here.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The last lot of houses

A flamingo house!

Yes, this is the last lot of houses. I'm sure you've seen by now why I've shown all the houses before showing the quilt. All the little details and fun fabric choices don't show as well in photos of the full quilt and they're too special to be overlooked. 
Anyway, there's quite a few houses to visit today so without further ado let's get on our way and have a look.

Kelly from Pinkadot Quilts sent a block that had a giant blue mountain daisy in it, daisies in the sky and ric rac trim along the roof. I love that it's so sunny and happy.
Kelly from Pinkadot Quilts

Cameras have certainly improved since I took this photo The colour is a quite wrong but I wanted to post a before photo of the block that Karen from Sewing Tales / @karens_photos sent.  It's hard to tell the scale of the blocks but this was by far the biggest. She left lots of space around the house in case I needed to trim it to make it fit.  
Karen - @karens_photos

But instead of trimming it I added a flower to echo the flower in Kelly's block. I couldn't resist adding some colourful bubbles as a continuation of the fun spot fabric in the windows. 
Karen - @karens_photos

Karen - @karens_photos

Karen made a second block. A grand three story mansion!! I wish real houses had paisly and spot exteriors.
Karen - @karens_photos
I had fun with lots of quilting in different pastel perle8 thread.
Karen - @karens_photos

Karen - @karens_photos

Beth from Love Laugh Quilt. made a blocks with a nighttime sky. I love the sparks coming out of the chimney. You just know it would be warm and cosy in this friendly home. 
Beth of Love Laugh Quilt

My quilting needle led me to quilt a glowing moon. 
Beth of Love Laugh Quilt

Now Beth used to organise house block swaps. Participants would send in house blocks and then Beth would pick several winners to receive a bunch of blocks. I was a lucky winner so it meant even more houses for my quilt. 

Some of the makers of these blocks had signed the block so I know who made them.
This red house was made by Kim of Pokeytown Kim
Kim of Pokeytown Kim
I love her selvedge roof.

Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts made this picturesque scene. The stripes of colour in the garden work so well don't they.
Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts

This house was made by Ruth of Gigi's Room I love the rooster singing his morning song.
Gigi's Room
Some of the blocks were anonymous. I started this house project as a record of my blog neighbourhood and so I think it's great that these blocks represent the anonymous followers of my blog. Those people who like to check in and see what I'm up to but are too shy to leave a comment. It's always fun to have some mysterious houses in a neighbourhood. Though if you know any of the makers of the following houses let me know and I'll add their names to the links.




Finally I'll show you the blocks that I made for the quilt. This one had a lot more fabric surrounding it but I trimmed it down to fit. Making the quilt was a bit like doing a puzzle. I didn't like to trim other peoples blocks down but I didn't mind trimming mine. 
I had fun finding fruit fabrics in my stash for this block. Come on over and lets eat cherries, drink cocktails from pineapples and dance through strawberry fields.

So there you go, in the next post I'll show how these houses all came together in a finished quilt. In the meantime here's some links to find out more about these colourful house makers. 

Lots of Links

You can find Karen on Instagram - @karens_photos
Karen's blog - Sewing Tales

Kim's blog - Pokey town Kim

Sharon's blog - Vrooman's Quilts


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