Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat

For Halloweeen I thought we could have pumkin soup for dinner. But as I got the pieces of my lovely pumpkin soup set out I could hear a rattling sound ...

Rattle, Rattle... Was it in the big pumpkin? I took a deep breath and lifted the lid...
And a pumpkin witch flew out!!!! EEEKK!!!
But the rattling sound continued... rattle, rattle... was it coming from the butter dish? I took a deep breath and lifted the lid...
and found a Spooky Coffin!! But the rattling continued... Rattle Rattle... It seemed like the rattling was coming from it, so I took a deep breath and lifted the lid....
and there it was- a dancing skeleton rattling his bones and singing " Trick Or Treat, Trick or Treat, Give me yummy sweets to eat.."
I closed the lid, and decided we'd have pizza for dinner instead.

The fun little needle book and cute witchy card are from the lovely Barb from Fun with Barb blog. I was lucky to win them in a recent giveaway. Thank you Barb!! I'll be using it all year round, it's too cute for just Halloween.

Have a fabulous Halloooweeeeeennn everybody. Trick or Treat - I hope you have lots of yummy sweets to eat!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Merry Go Round Bloggers Quilt Festival 2011

Three cheers for the Bloggers Quilt Festival!!
Today I'm showing off my Very Very Merry Merry Go Round Quilt. I made this quilt a few years ago so you may have seen it before but it's so bright and colourful I thought it would be a fun festival quilt.
It all started when I bought some Queen of May block templates around the same time I was given a heap of scraps. Without any plan I began sewing lots of these fun Queen of May circles. They come together surprisingly quick and easy. They make a great carry around project!

Soon I had a pile and had to decide what to do with them! At first I thought I'd sew up the rest of my bits of fabric to make up scrappy squares to alternate with the Queen blocks. I was amazed to find how far all those scraps went. I could have made a quilt with just those strips !! I played around with different ideas but in the end I decided to use the scrappy strings as sashing.

I was pretty new to quilting when I made this and quilted it on my old 1960's Bernina who I fondly call Betty. I then hand quilted in colourful perle 8 cotton around the circles and triangles.

This quilt was perfect for my sister-in-law because her birthday is in May and she is such a colourful person. I'm happy to report she loves it and uses it!!
I'm sending huge thank you to Amy at Amy's Creative Side for hosting such a great event. It's a highlight on my quilting calendar. I've got no plans for the weekend except to hop, skip and jump around to see as many quilts, and wonderful blogs as I can! Leave me a comment and I'll come and visit you!! Thank you for visiting!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Darling Donkeys and Happy Hexagons

I received another parcel of gifts from the lovely Melody of House on the Side of The Hill blog. Melody has obviously noticed I love donkeys and has stitched this sweetie for me!! Isn't that the cutest donkey you've ever seen? I love her basket of colourful daisies and her little lady eyelashes.
It's meant to be a tea towel but it's too special for that so I'm going to use it as my sewing machine cover. Another cute little, teeny weeny ceramic donkey was also in the package. He'll stand on my window sill and enjoy the view of the garden. Melody also included a raffle ticket, so I might win a quilt too!! Thank you Melody, your stitches are beautiful, and your gifts so thoughtful!!
I can also thank Melody for inspiring me to start sewing hexagons again. She makes amazing fussy cut hexi flowers. Mary from Molly Flanders has also influenced my latest project with her amazing hexi quilt. Here's some peeks of what I've done so far...

I enjoy having a sewing project I can do in the lounge room so I can be where the action is. I can chatter away to Gbf if he's around, and it's all there set up, ready to go so I can sew a few hexis when I have a spare minute or two.

I know I probably shouldn't have started another quilt when I have so many half finished but how could I resist such pretty fabrics? They were calling out to me!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Gbf's parents came to visit recently and this is what they pulled out for show & tell.

It looks flat in the photos but its really a bowl made out of telephone wires!! They found it in a gift shop on their way to our house. Such wonderful colours and the electric spiral is so full of...Pizazz!!
The next day we all went to Ashcrofts Restaurant in Blackheath. We were sipping our wines when the bread came out... in a Telephone Wire bowl!!

What a coincidence!! The owners of the restaurant had found them on a trip to Africa about 5 years ago.
Our lunch was outstanding!! Each course better than the last, the service exceptional and the company was wonderful.

Here's dessert -Vanilla Bean Custard with Spun Toffee. Sprinkled with rose petals! Yum!!

One of the most memorable desserts I've ever had!! It turned out to be a day full of pizazz!!

A few people have asked how we ate our desserts... We weren't quite sure to begin with and started by nibbling at the sugar shards. As we gained confidence we broke the toffee down into the custard and gobbled it up. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sis Boom to the Rescue

Now that the springy weather is warming up we're spending more time on our outdoor deck, enjoying the view. I cant help but notice that cream wooden beam really could use a lick of paint. Ugh , sooo drab!

I don't mind painting but I would rather be sewing!!

So that's what I did!!

It couldn't have been simpler. All I used was a couple of packets of bias binding and a selection of my favourite Sis Boom fabrics.

I used pinky shears to trim the edges, some easy straight line sewing and in an hour I was done!! It was such a fun, super quick sewing fix!!

It's beautiful seeing the sun shine through the fabrics, making them glow. The breeze makes them dance a merry jig. I've decided to call them Happy Flags , because they make me happy.
Now I find myself looking more at the bunting than the view. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Blue Mountain Daisy?

Recently Dawn of As Sweet as Cinnamon asked bloggers to write a post about how they chose the name of their blog. I'm a bit late to the party but I've enjoyed reading about other names so I thought I'd join in too. Better late than never!
I have to honest and admit I really didn't think much about the name of my blog. In fact I didn't really think much about starting a blog. I just wanted to be able to leave comments on other people blogs but somehow I pressed all the right buttons and ended up as a blogger! So the name was an on the spot decision. I already had Rachaeldaisy as my Flickr and Etsy name so I thought something similar would be good. Daisy was the name of my beloved little dog.
Isn't she just so cute!! Don't ask me what breed she was. I would always joke and say an Irish Mouse Hound or a Bed Terrier. She was just the sweetest ever little dog that ever existed!!

So I tried Daisy Quilts, A Daisy a Day, in fact I tried a few different combos but soon discovered blogs including the name Daisy are quite popular! So I tried combining it with where I live, The Blue Mountains, Australia and came up with the winning name!
I'm so happy I ended up with Blue Mountain Daisy, It's fun, flowery and friendly and that's what I want my little piece of blogland to be about. I couldn't imagine being called anything else now. I have joked with Gbf that he could start a blog called Blue Mountain Days but he didn't seem very keen about the idea.

About 6 months after I started my blog I came across a vintage collectors card on eBay. (Ignore the cigarette part, I do not endorse smoking at all) Number 38 is Blue Mountain Daisy!! Of course I had to buy it!

It's like seeing my name in print from another time!
If you want to join in the name game or read some other posts about names pop over to Dawn's post at As Sweet as Cinnamon. Thanks Dawn for hosting a such a great linky party!

Friday, October 7, 2011


keep falling...
It's been raining...
and showers are forecasted for the coming week!

But don't you agree that one of the fun things about being a quilter or craftster...

is the rain means indoor games with our fabrics and crafty bits!!

Or wrapping yourself in a cosy quilt and reading books about faraway places, or planning the next quilt ;-)

The fun thing about it raining here in the Blue Mountains...

is that it makes our gardens so lovely and green!

Come rain, hail or shine I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank You Melody

Look what I found in my letter box!!! I've named him Ralph!!

Ralph came wrapped up in this beautiful lettuce green parcel with a happy flower card.
He came with lots of friends and these beautiful fussy cut hexagon coasters. Ralph is 3rd from the left. He asked me to tell you that there's a great tutorial for these coasters over at the House On The Side Of the Hill blog.
Also filling the parcel were these fabulous picnic glasses. I didn't have any practical travel glasses so these are a very welcome addition to Daisyland!! There's Ralph and his friends with their hearts of gold.

There was also a raffle ticket that might win me this amazing quilt made by the Kilmore Quilters.

If I won I know how I'd celebrate - a happy picnic with my new glasses and beautiful coasters.

I was so lucky to be the winner of a recent giveaway by Melody from the House on the Side Of The Hill blog. My amazing prize is gift each month for a year!! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw I'd won. Thank you Melody, I love this lovely parcel of goodies!! You sure know how to make some one's day!!

And thanks little Ralph and his friends for being so sweet!


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