Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guaranteed to brighten your day!!

My day was instantly brightened when I found these wonderful postcards in my mail box.
A few weeks ago Kelly from Pinkadot Quilts did a post about these amazing post cards she makes. Of course I was besotted, who wouldn't be!! Then surprise, surprise a fun parcel arrived wrapped in a magazine page envelope. I wont show the front because it has our addresses but it's a big daisy with some ladybirds on it. In the writing on the back it describes the lady bugs as "Polka Dot Critters". How cute is that! Here's a photo of the back of the envelope.

You can imagine my excitement when I found this postcard of a sunny sunflower inside. I love the shading and pink blush on the petals, the stem fabric is perfect and the black polka dot centre is so much fun.

Such a gorgeous flower deserved a photo shoot in the garden.. The colours match these Birds of Paradise flowers!!
And looks lovely with a big daffodil, the herald of Spring.
It didn't travel alone. Kelly sure knows how to spoil a girl with lovely things!! The daisy envelope also included this beautiful strawberry post card.

Look at those polka dots, and cute leaves and stems, that gorgeous quilting on the yummy aqua back ground. Isn't it just wonderful!!
If you feel inspired to make a postcard or two Kelly has written a tutorial for her techniques.

Thank you Kelly for brightening our day!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm so Lucky!!

Look at what arrived in my mail box last week...

The world's most beautiful cushion!!! Made specially for me by Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars blog!! She was lucky to get a sneak preview of Sis Boom's latest range West Indies and as soon as she saw the blue toile fabric, Matillda in Brandy, she knew it had my name on it. It is reminiscent of an out of print fabric called Nuala that I Love!! And so I was privileged enough to receive this amazing gift!!

Isn't it fun the way the birds are fussy cut so they're both admiring the perfectly cross stitched R. As I was taking this photo I kept hoping a bird would land in the tree and look like the fabric.

And the back is scrumptious too!! Also from the West Indies range, Chandler in blue. This fabric is just asking to be a border or even a whole cloth quilt. I like the idea of quilting by following the flowing blue pattern.
But wait there's more... A beautiful mug rug!! made of all West Indies fabric. A sampler of yumminess!! I look at it and think "I need that one, and that one and .. oh, I really need all of them!".
Beautiful spiral hand stitching that looks like rays of sunshine. There's something really special about hand stitching, as though thought has been put into every stitch.
The next thing I pulled from the envelope made me laugh! Melissa very kindly made me some piping. There's an irresistible Ruffle Cushion pattern in Jennifer Paganelli's Girls World book that can also be made as a pin cushion. I was keen to make it but I was a bit nervous about making the piping. I mentioned it to Melissa and she made some for me!! Isn't that just the nicest thing ever!! I have no excuses now! :-)

A mixed bunch of yo yos!! Melissa is so good at using yo yos in her projects to add a bit of fun.
Isn't it wonderful when you see fabrics colours reflected in nature!
Gbf said I should post a You Tube video of me dancing around the lounge room with my new cushion. I thought I'd better not because then you'd all think I really Was mad.
I'm just over the moon about my beautiful presents.
Thank you Melissa!!!

Ps West Indies is now in the shops. Quilthome and Sew Mama Sew have the full range.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Star Bright
Sis Boom

So Beautiful

Sew Busy

Sewing Bench
Stitched Blossoms

Spring Breeze

Sunday Bliss
See ya, Bye!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun Times at Quilt Camp

Follow the quilted path...
Past all the flowers...
"Welcome to Quilt Camp!!" says Thomasina the donkey.

It didn't take Mandy and I long to get our room set up. A couple of colourful quilts...

...some appropriate reading material and the room was a cosy home for the next two nights.

Silly me was so busy sewing, chatting, laughing, concentrating, drinking cups of tea and looking at others amazing work that I forgot to take photos of anyone. To get the idea you can visit Chris's blog, or pop over to these past posts, here and here.
It was a teaching camp which entailed classes on Saturday. In the morning we had a lesson with the lovely Ann who has a zillion sewing tips and tricks and in the afternoon we were treated to Chris's wonderful talent.

These are the blocks we made. Chris's Supernova Leftovers. As the name suggests, it's a great block for using up scraps and leftovers. I plan to make a quilt of these in different colour combinations using all my beautiful colourful Sis Boom fabrics.

Here's Ann's Machine Applique Flowers, also made with Jennifer Paganelli's fabrics. I really love how this one turned out.
I'm thinking a few fun borders on this one to make a colourful wall hanging. Such gorgeous fabrics!!
Saturday evening was full of fun and games.We had a fat quarter swap with a twist. If it was your turn you could go and take someone else's fat quarter if you liked it better. It's hard to explain but it was fun and caused quite a few laughs! Show and tell was full of amazing work.

Here's the pin cushion I picked in the swap. I love the vintage button and the fabric is gold and oriental making it look as though it's from far away lands! It came with a little fabric rubbish collector, very handy for a messy girl like me. My pins feel very glamorous in their new pincushion.

Sunday was heads down and sew, sew, sew. Making the most of the last few hours to finish our blocks or other projects. As always the time flew by and soon it was over. It all feels a bit like a dream now except I have 2 colourful blocks and fun memories as proof of another fun camp. I've already put next years dates on the calendar! A huge Thanks to Chris and Ann for organising a fabulous camp!!

News Flash for Sydney Quilters - There's a Modern Quilt Guild starting up soon - check out the blog for more information.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pincushion Indecision

I'm off to sewing camp this weekend and we're having a secret pin cushion swap so I've been making pin cushions! It would be easier if I knew who I was making it for but it could be anyone of a group with very diverse tastes.

I started with this idea centered around a cute little pig. I thought fun fabrics, not too bright but not too dull, a few sewing themed fabrics.
Some fun Lakehouse Drygoods fabric on the back.
But then I wondered if it was good enough, or quirky enough. So I made one using selvages.
With some fun Suzuko Koseki fabric on the back.
But then I worried that one was too simple.

My next attempt went a little crazy when I added the pom poms! The button in the middle is actually fabric, not a real button.

This one is much tamer in colour choice but it was a bit puckery around the edges and not good enough to give to the amazing sewers that will be at camp.

So I ended up deciding to use the first pincushion I made. After all it does say "Happy Stitches" along the edge, who could argue with that! Though I will say if the recipient of my pin cushion is a reader of my blog and they want to swap pin cushions with any of the others I've made I wont mind.
Oh and the first photo of the PINS pincushion.. that was another one of my attempts. The bright letters used on linen was inspired by this cushion made by the wonderfully clever Mary of Molly Flanders. So why didn't I pick that one? I wasn't sure if the recipient would have the same sense of humour as me...

Which one would you have picked?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sticky Moments

Look what I've got!!
Saffron Craig's Removable Wall Stickers!!
They're just like fabric with a protective coating and they peel on and off the wall so easily.

So easily in fact I couldn't resist peeling them on and off a few things...

Don't they look fun floating around my ducks. "Watch out ducks, there's colourful bubbles ahead!".

Then I moved them to the glass doors that open to our deck...

The glass made me think they would be a great way to spruce up a vase...

Imagine some branches hung with circles of Saffron's fabric to match the stickers. It would make a fun birthday tree.
I went off to my sewing room. I missed my stickers, so I peeled them off the vase and put them on my sewing machine and cover. Dressed to impress!!
But when Gbf realised the stickers had disappeared to my sewing room he said they should be on view where people can see them. How sweet is it that he likes them too!! So we put them up in our entrance where everyone who visits will see them.

It's lucky they're removable!! Who knows where they'll end up next.

Ahhh fabric, you can sew it, wear it, hang it and now you can stick it on your walls- what a cool thing to be addicted to!

I just noticed Saffron is having a Fat Quarter sale! And a special free postage in Australia for a little while, I'm not really sure how long so I'm just being vague about that.



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