Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Fun!!

I had a plan for a cute Halloween post but when I happened to read this one I made a few years ago it made me laugh so much. I thought I'd dust off the cobwebs and zombie slime and share it again. Hopefully it'll make you laugh too. 

How to have some Halloween fun with a pair of scissors, some simple leaves... 

...and a pumpkin. 

No, I'm not making a carriage for Cinderella.

I'm making ...

scary, creepy, spooky and very kooky


There's no need for carving tools, and there's no pumpkin guts mess to clean up.. 
Just grab some leaves, trim them with scissors and stick them onto the pumpkin with glue, or do as I did and use BluTak. Its so easy to stick on and peel off to make changes.

I love how simple shapes can create features and bring new characters to life.
Here's Mr Big Mouth with his glowing eyes.

Have you ever noticed there are more Jack O's but never any Jills ? I thought I'd try a lovely lady with pretty eyelashes and big kissy lips. 

She got a fright when she met the next scary character

Old Grumpy Green Eyes! Eeek!!

 Jack-o-Kitty looked so serious so I told him a joke..

Q:When is a pumpkin not a pumpkin?
A: When you drop it, then it's a squash

That made him smile.

And then I made more smiley Jacks. 

I think this guy is my favourite. It's the Green Haired Zombie Jack-O-Leafy,  He's growling at you...

"HAve A HaPpyyy HaLLooOOOwEen oR i'LL eAT youR BrAins" 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

More houses!!!

If you haven't seen the previous blog post you might want to jump back and read it. It gives the background as to why I'm sharing all of these fun and fabulous house blocks. 

For those who know let's continue our walk around Daisytown, the neighbourhood of colourful houses from around the world. 

Today we're starting with this wonderful foundation pieced block made by Chris Jurd. 
One of the fun things about my invite to make houses was that there were no restrictions on the size or style of the blocks. Chris thought outside of the square and turned her square on an angle. 
Chris Jurd of Patchwork Fundamentals

For the quilt I did some landscaping and added a butterfly garden in the bottom garden and planted daisies in the top garden. A corner of teapots because Chris always greets you with an offer of tea. I made sure the house teapot was there, it is a quilt of houses after all. 

Chris Jurd of Patchwork Fundamentals

Chris bakes great cakes too so I added a little chef in a cubby house. 

Chris wasn't the only person to send a block on point. Karen from Just Purrfick sent this clever block. 
Karen of Just Purrfick
I added fruit gardens, cornflowers, a cubby house with flamingos and a unicorn in the front yard.

Karen made a second house with lots of fun fussy cutting. I love the way the front door says "sparkle".
Karen of Just Purrfick

Beth of Smazoochie sent this wonderful house of blue daisies. In the window she has Blue Bonnets growing.  I learnt that Blue Bonnets are the state flower of Texas where this block travelled from.
Beth of Smazoochie

Sujata of The Root Connection sent a house that is a festival of colour and movement.
Sujata Shah of The Root Connection

Melissa Peda of 100 Billion Stars came up with a special house design. She then made 3 different versions using fabric designers whose fabrics we both love. Its really interesting to see how different fabrics can really change the look of the block.

A night time scene using Jane Sassaman fabrics
Melissa Peda- 100 Billion Stars

A wonderful combination of Amy Butler and David Butlers fabrics. It's a bit hard to see in the photo but I quilted a rainbow of stitches on the roof.
Melissa Peda- 100 Billion Stars
The Sis Boom house. Melissa and I met through our love of Jennifer Paganelli fabrics.
Melissa Peda- 100 Billion Stars

To finish off here's one of my little houses with a selvedge door and lots of birds in the garden.

Its easy to find out more about these lovely quilters by following the links.

Lots of links

Chris Jurd's blog - Patchwork Fundamentals

Karen of Just Purrfick, Karen doesn't blog anymore.

Sujata blog - The Root Connection

Melissa P's blog 100 Billion Stars

Beth's blog Smazoochie

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Houses, houses, and more houses.


I recently finished a quilt that wasn't made by just me.

I've been slow to show photos of it because I haven't been quite sure how to fit in all the photos and story into one post. Yes, I know my posts are getting longer and longer but that would be crazy. Many wonderful people contributed to the quilt and each block deserves to be highlighted so I've decided to spread them out over a few posts.

The quilt began way back in 2012 when LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts asked her blog friends to do a vintage fabric swap. I was happy to share some fabric and in return instead of sending me fabric I asked her to make me a house block. Here's the blog post about the first block- Nifty House.

It arrived and I loved it but it looked as though it needed friends so I asked if anyone else would like to make a house block to add to the neighbourhood. They soon started to arrive from all around the world.
There were no rules, no size, fabric, style or colour restrictions. It was wonderful to see the variety of different houses that reflected different personalities.

It was such a long time ago that newer followers won't have read the Friendly Friday posts that showcased the makers of the blocks. Each week I would interview the quilters and show some of their work, a fun way to record who made each house.  I'll link to these posts so you can find out more about each person if you like.

Okay enough talk - let's start wandering around the neighbourhood.

Here's the house where it all began - LeeAnn from Nifty Quilts made a house that is soo Her! It features plaid walls, birds on the roof and a garden full of daisies.
LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts

I quilted circles in the sky for no particular reason except I thought they were fun.

Barb of Fun with Barb blog made a block that is so Her too. Look at the super fun sky, there's New York in the distance, a bird in the window and another daisy garden. 
Barb - Fun with Barb

Heidi from Germany put a sunny bird on the roof. I love the way her house looks as though its dancing. The sky full of dragonflies represents the name of her blog, Libellenquilts.
Heidi of Libellenquilts

I did seed stitching amongst the dragon flies because I thought it looked like their wings beating.

Suz from PatchworknPlay put sweet little fairies in each window. It's always lovely to know there are fairies around.
Susan of PatchworknPlay

Terry from Terry's New Thread made a house full of friends.

Terry and I met after she saw a quilt of mine hanging at the Springwood Quilt Show. She made a house using a yellow rectangle as a reminder of the quilt that brought us together.
I really need to get a better photo of this quilt, but you can see that yellow rectangle border.
All you need is love - Rachaeldaisy 2009

To finish off this post here are a couple of my little houses. Mr Daisy calls them cubby houses because they're just little houses in peoples backyards. I've used them to fill in the spaces that help the blocks fit together.


I'll be back with more soon, in the meantime here are lots of links to find out more about each of these wonderful house makers.

Lots of links

LeeAnn's blog - Nifty Quilts 

Barb's blog - Fun With Barb

Heidi's blog - Libellenquilts

Suz's blog PatchworknPlay 

Terry's blog Terry's New Thread

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A drop of golden sun

Each year Quilt NSW has a Suitcase Challenge were members create quilts 40cm x 40 cm to a set theme. 

This year's theme was - Repurposed, Recycled, Reloved

When I saw the prefix RE of the challenge words I immediately thought of the song Do Re Mi from the musical The Sound Of Music. It's one of those fun songs I remember singing at school and I did love the movie. 

For those who aren't familiar with the song here are some of the lyrics: 

Doe, a deer, a female deer
Ray, a drop of golden sun
Me, a name, I call myself
Far, a long, long way to run
Sew, a needle pulling thread
La, a note to follow So
Tea, a drink with jam and bread
That will lead us back to Do, oh, oh, oh

As you can see Re or Ray is described as "a drop of golden sun".
So I set about making a golden sun using various materials, an old shirt, hessian coffee bag, woolen blanket, 60's brocade, a bit of silk sari all on a base of old blue denim jeans. 
My home is solar powered so as I sewed with these recycled fabrics I thought of how the suns rays are repurposed into the energy that powers my sewing machine, lights and the radio that keeps me company as I sew.

To continue the Repurposed Recycled and Reloved theme I made the backing from an old shirt. The hanging sleeve was inspired by a post LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts posted a few years ago.

Simply cut off a sleeve and sew it on, button, label and all. 

I know raw edges make some people nervous but I love that I can use a collage style with these smaller quilts. I wanted a rugged, worn look with this quilt and the words to look as though they are cut out of paper.  If I need to wash this little quilt for any reason it's just a matter of gently hand washing in a sink. Fraying just adds to the effect and texture. I know because I tested it on a quilt I made last year by putting it in the washing machine. It turned out just fine.

To see the other entries in this fun challenge visit QuiltNSW's website here. Make sure you click on each thumbnail to see the quilt properly and read the inspiration story that goes with each one. It's wonderful to see the variety and clever interpretations of the theme. 

And if you'd like to see some of my challenge quilts from past years hop over to this post to see what I made for "Mini Modern" and "Colour Collision". 

Next years theme is Remember. Hmmm I wonder what I'll make for that one.


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