Thursday, September 29, 2016

Three posts in one

Gosh, Has it really been so long since I did a blog post?!? The days just fly by don't they. Oh well I'm here now with some fun news and lots of photos. In fact it's a bit like three posts in one.

You all know by now how much I love Simply Moderne magazine,

and it's big sister Quiltmania.

Well, I'm rather embarrassed to say I had forgotten to update my subscriptions. It was on my list of things to do but the days flew by and before I knew it I noticed the new editions were out and about. I quickly jumped online and in no time my subscriptions were renewed. Phew! It meant I waited a little longer to get them but they've now arrived. Yay!

The funny part is that it just so happened that these two copies of the magazines both had pictures of me and my quilts in them as part of a wonderful overview of the Sydney Quilt Show.

The two magazines show different quilts from the show. Simply Moderne showing more modern quilts, and Quiltmania leans towards traditional but one that is in both magazines is  the 2016 Springwood Community Quilt Show raffle quilt that won first place in the group category at the show. 

In case you're wondering which block I made - it's the one in the one in the bottom left hand corner.

So the moral of the story is don't forget to keep your favourite magazine subscriptions up to date because you never know what wonderful things you won't want to miss out on.

The biggest Thank You to Quiltmania and Simply Moderne not only for the photos and very, very, very special things you wrote about me and my quilts but also for the wonderful overview of the Sydney Quilt Show. You've captured what a wonderful show it is with it's wide variety of amazing, colourful quilts. Thank you for sharing our Aussie quilts with the world.


Talking of sharing quilts, last Sunday Mr Daisy and I zoomed down out of the mountains to spend the day at the Illawarra Quilters quilt show. 

The Illawarra Quilters hold their show every two years and from the amount of beautiful and amazing quilts in the show these quilters stay busy with their needles and fabric.  

I really seem to be out of practise at taking photos when I'm out and about these days. I could kick myself, the group had made two raffle quilts but I only got a photo of one of the quilts. A beautiful big hexagon quilt. Did I say big? Make that huge!! It was a beautiful wave of colours and fabrics. I thought it was such a great idea for a group quilt. Any of the quilters I mentioned it to said they had such a fun time making it. I know whoever is lucky enough to win it will love it too. 

My Whizz Bang! quilt was on display to promote the workshop I'll be teaching next year in September. I'm making a new exciting version of this quilt especially for teaching. It's a 2 day workshop and I know it will be lots of fun!

But that's not all, when Roslyn and Joanne came to pick up Whizz Bang! they found some other quilts for classes. 

Ric Rac Razzamatazz with it's ric rac edged melon shapes and colourful yoyos will be a 1 day workshop held in May next year. That's Joanne in pink, I didn't get the name of the lovely lady in yellow but I loved the way they matched the colours in Ric Rac Razzamatazz. 

Gypsy Carnival is a fun way to play with prairie points! It's a great quilt for showing off a favourite big scale fabric. I think this would be fun made in Christmas colours or with big fussy cut flowers in the circle centers. This one day workshop is held in June. 

I'm not sure if there are any spaces left but if you are interested in any of these classes email I'm sure we could always fit in another person or two. I'd love to see you there. 

Here I am with Roslyn. She is such a burst of sunshine, one of those people you can't help but be happy around.

To see lots of photos of quilts from the show hop over to the Illawarra Quilters facebook page here.


On the home front here are a few random photos I've taken over the past few weeks.

It really seemed as those this regal Kookaburra posed for this portrait.

A peek of a quilt that is now finished, I just need to take photos.

A beautiful Sydney Rock Orchid flowering in my garden. 

Mr and Mrs Happy say "Have a happy day!!"
And I say "Have a fun week everyone."


audrey said...

Got one of my magazines, but not the other! Enjoyed seeing your quilts so much. I was like 'Hey! I know her from blogging!' So very much fun.:)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Sounds like a trip over- the- ditch could be in order for next year, I'd love to attend one of your workshops! Lots of wondeful pics, look forward to seeing more of your latest quilt!

Terry said...

Such lovely news you will be teaching. Your quilting vision has always been a wonderful mix of traditional and modern.
Enjoy this part of the journey.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh dear Rachael its just not the days passing by it's the whole year!!! Wow Rachael you are doing so well...just marvellous!!! I'll have to check out Illawara Quilters and maybe get up to their next exhibition! Now to have a read of your posts!

Mystic Quilter said...

You certainly received your magazine quickly after our emails re subscription. I loved this issue - and have to say again I loved the article about your two quilts. What about that hexagon quilt in the show - stunning, I should love to make one like that!! Cute little kookaburra too.

Chris said...

What a happy post, full of fun-filled days and quilt yummie-ness! And a kookaburra! What a surprise to see him today! Congrats on your nice mentions, well-deserved - and a good reminder to get those magazine subscriptions- I've been meaning to! Happy quilting!

Patchwork and Play said...

Always fun to read about the full and happy life of Rachaeldaisy! I really should subscribe to Quilt Moderne, as I can never find it in my newsagents anywhere! Is it more expensive that way, do you know?

Susan C. said...

Workshops!!! I am going to predict that before long you will be jetting all around this globe showcasing and teaching your exquisite skills. This is such an exciting time for you and Mr Daisy, and i personally can't wait to be that old biddy tapping young folk on the shoulder at quilt shows into the future saying..."oh yes, of course I discovered Mrs Daisy as a talent when she was just a mere slip of a girl....we go wayyyy back......" Hahahahahahaha........because of course I had nothing to do with it whatsoever!!
I actually cannot wait to see your future directions, you do have a real design talent in whatever you turn your mind to.

I am said...

good morning Rachael,wow so glad you renewed your subscriptions,it would been a shame to have missed your lovely pictures.
Wow what a lovely quilt show and i love the pic of the kookaburra ,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

Diane said...

I would love to sign up for all of the workshops!! One day I will make it to your amazing country and you can bet it will include a quilt show or workshop or two. Until then, thanks for sharing your beauties on the blog for me to dream about!

Linda said...

Great post. So pleased you are appearing in yet more magazine articles and now you will be teaching your own workshops. Pity I don't live a bit nearer! Love the kookaburra photo - what beautiful markings on his feathers ( I think you could make a quilt!)

CecileD said...

Remember I told you for the pics in Quiltmania ! Ah Ah !! Congrats dear Rachael and of course it's well deserved !
Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful quilts with us ! You certainly spent an awazing day with your friends !!
I wish you a wonderful week !!
Cheers ! :)

Tilly said...

Love the pictures, and succes with your workshops. greetings Tilly

Barb said...

congratulations on your FAME! wow to be in both prestigious publications at one time!
Congratulations on all the recent awards and accolades.
I loved seeing the Kookaburra. What a sweet bird.

Barb said...

hey, looks like a liberated house to me. I have used that same fabric in a house block too.

Nifty Quilts said...

It was so fun to see your smiling face and beautiful quilts when I opened both magazines! In a way, you're right here in my living room. Sounds like you're going to teach some great classes. Lucky students!

Quilteuse Forever said...

What a pleasure to see you in person - and your quilts again - in these great French magazines. Sometimes I am proud to be French :-)

Go on with your exciting creations and thank you!
Katell, France

Caroline Heinrichs said...

You are a clever girl!!

I just love how you and I have something in common, although thousands of miles apart. I just love things bright and colorful. I often mix and no match fabrics and then when its done, its so wildly colorful!

I just love getting your blog post because I smile when I read your gad-abouts and published work. You are doing a wee bit of inspiration to publish something myself.

O'Quilts said...

Oh, YES...That is our Rachel...stunning the world with her art...Did you say the workshop is in Charlotte, North Carolina??? Cuz this old granny raising her three young grands does not have the $$ to fly to you. At least I can still see...and admire your blog..xxoo And, maybe admire your magazines...!!

Kyle said...

What exciting opportunities are ahead for you. It's always a delight to see you and your happy quilts together. I love Mr. And Mrs. Happy too!

quilter501 said...

Such a celebrity! And such gorgeous creative work! I love your Gypsy Carnaval! If only I were close enough to ever take a class from you! That would be a dream come true! Amazing, amazing, amazing and talented lady!

Karen S said...

You have so much happening! How do you keep up?
I am so pleased the magazines have continued to showcase your beautiful quilts. The do present them well.
How exciting to be able to turn these wonderful quilts into classes as well. They will be fun classes.
And that peek photo shows you have not been resting, but working!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Isn't that just the trouble with the internet - you see classes and workshops you'd LOVE to take, and they're just too far away!!!! I'd love to come but my fear of flying over water [and the cost] prohibits it. Can't wait to see your new quilt!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

That is so funny. I was going to e-mail you today to tell you congratulations on being in Quiltmania (I don't get Simply Moderne, but I might have to now!). Quiltmania is without a doubt my favorite magazine. I have had two quilts in the magazine over the years but would love to meet some of the staff in person! Thanks for sharing!

pandchintz said...

What a lovely post! Congratulations on your double appearances in the mags - it was so lovely to see you and your quilts in both editions. Congrats too on your classes - I'm sure they'll fill fast and if I lived up that way I'd be booking in.

Radka said...

So many lovely pictures again :-)
Just waiting for my copy of Simply Moderne to arrive, looking forward to it!

Vickie said...

Congratulations, being featured in magazines is a big thing ! I am happy for you with all the successful things that are happening in your life !

Janice said...

A lovely newsy post. Just as well you were able to get your copies of the magazines, seeing as you and the Springwood Quilters are star attractions. Congratulations to you all. Also, it will be exciting giving classes to the Illawarra ladies. They should have a lot of fun making their versions of your quilts.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A beautiful bubbly post Rachael - just like your quilts! The workshops you will be teaching will be a treat for participants I'm sure.


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