Saturday, April 27, 2013

YoYo Sampler Blocks

A is for apple

B is for bicycle

C is for cheery cherries

D is for Dresdan plate

E is for Every colour of the rainbow

F is for flower

and more flowers...

G is for Geometric 

I'm not really doing the whole alphabet, gosh I wouldn't know what to do for Q... 

I've just been having fun seeing what blocks I can come up with incorporating YoYos.

If you've made it this far looking at all these photos then you deserve a drink, how about a nice orange juice...

 I'll be back to show off more blocks soon!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quilts - Near and Far.

I'll be dropping off my quilts off to be exhibited at the Springwood Quilt Community Show soon and still have to sew the labels on...I always intend  to do it earlier but somehow I put it off to the last minute... In fact I seem to remember last year I was sewing a label on in the car on the way to deliver them ! I don't know why I don't like sewing labels on. For a moment it crossed my mind to just staple them on. lol. 

  Gbf and I are helping to hang the quilts this afternoon. Excellent organisation by the committee and lots of enthusiastic volunteers will ensure the job of hanging 190 quilts will go smoothly.

Here's a photo from a previous year ... 

So if you're in the neighbourhood make sure you stop by, it's always a great show with lots of fabulous quilts and great stalls with tempting fabric goodies. 

Fri 26th - Sun 28th April.    Open 10am - 4pm each day
Springwood High School. Grose Rd. Faulconbridge 

Talking of hanging quilts,  my brother Adam sent me these photos from Jerusalem .

Of course I love those colours and crazy piecing!

Adam is a musician and it takes him to all sorts of wonderful places far and wide.. He's off to Italy next and will keep an eye out for quilts for us there. How fun to have a roaming reporter. Who knows what wonderful quilts we'll see from around the world. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yo Yo Crazy!!

Check out the super cool plates recently given to me- Thanks Lisa and Stuart!!!

I've always loved looking at the netting and tulle in fabric shops, they evoke visions of fun costumes, pretty ballerinas, princess curtains... but being a quilter I soon walk by and head for the down to earth cottons. 
That was until a week ago, when I came up with the perfect excuse to fill my trolley with wonderful fluro netting. 
To make Yo Yos!!

I made a few with just netting...

and then I wanted to see how I could play with the transparency of the netting. 
I stuffed the puff with a different colour netting

I then tried sewing netting over fabrics..

Some I liked...

I'm not sure about these ones with metalic fabric..

My favourites are these ones I made with flocked netting, but then I do have a thing for spots...

These netting YoYos are still at the experimental phase but I'm really like the effect. They have a fun, ethereal, floaty quality about them.

Hee hee...I kept joking about making a YoYo as big as my head... so I did...

A fun garden decoration...

Give Away Winners
Thank you to everyone who entered the give away in my last post and thank you so much for all your wonderful compliments. I really really appreciate your support of my humble blog. 
Okay,  announcing the 2 winners...

Donna of The Cat's Meow Two 
Heather Bassett - I don't think she has a blog. 

Ps I hope you're not sick of YoYo's yet because I've also been working on a Yo Yo sampler quilt, I tell you I'm totally obsessed!! but I'll save those photos for another day...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

GiveAway!! Down Under Quilts and Bloglovin

Newsflash!!! I nearly fell off my chair when I found out Blue Mountain Daisy was mentioned in the latest edition of Down Under Quilts.

The magazine has a new feature recommending blogs to visit. I cannot say how much of an honour it is to have my humble little blog on the list!!! I'm in excellent company, above me is Basket Full of Scraps, my friend Sujata's blog about using scraps, one of my favourite blogs. There's other fabulous blogs like Dottie Angel and Material Obsession.

As you can imagine I'm very excited to see my name in print !!! After doing a happy dance in the newsagents  I bought 2 extra copies of Down Under Quilts to give away. 
Yippee - GiveAway!!!

So to win a copy I just have an easy question to ask ...

What sort of articles do you like to read in craft magazines? 

Is it the patterns that you flip to? Or reading about crafty craftsters? or even the glossy ads for fabulous new fabrics and shops? 

I'll ship here, there and everywhere so everyone can enter. 
If you're a super duper follower you can leave another comment. 
I'll randomly choose 2 lucky winners next Sunday at midday Blue Mountains, Australia time.

It looks as though Bloglovin is the new fun way to follow blogs, so I would love it if you would...
 If you follow my blog on Bloglovin and let me know I'll follow you back. 

Hi , This GiveAway is now closed - Thanks to everyone who joined in and left such great comments! :)

I'm off to check out some wonderful recommended blogs... 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Yo' Yo Yo's

I've become obsessed with Yo Yo's,
or Suffolk Puffs as they're also known.

I've been raiding my kitchen cupboards for plates, bowls, glasses and anything round to use as templates.
The plan is lots of colourful different sized Yo Yo's all sewn together. 
They're perfect for quiet hand sewing or while watching Tv. Great to do a couple here and there when there's a few free minutes. Fun to make using up scraps or little pieces of favourite fabrics. I don't use a lot of solid fabrics in my work but with Yo Yo's the crinkles add the pattern to the otherwise flat colour for a fabulous result. They're quick to make and it's satisfying to see the colourful pile grow.

I sewed a few puffs to add to my Dollop of Cream quilt and got carried away in my neutral fabrics and whipped up a little mini quilt.
 The Puffs are about 2 inches across and the finished quilt is about 12 inches square.
 I think they look a bit like the tops of cupcakes.

 It was a great opportunity to sort through my treasure jar of buttons. 

Another thing I enjoy about making these is seeing how the final shape plays with the pattern on fabrics.Check out this stripey Yo Yo. It's like an optical illusion. I wonder if a quilt of all stripes would be too much?  I might just have to try it... 

Have you ever made YoYo's or Suffolk Puffs?


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