I've been blogging for a while now so if you're new to Blue Mountain Daisy and want a quick catch up then here are some fun blog posts to visit. For quilts see the My Quilts! page.

Flowers and foliage

For as long as I remember I have loved flowers and botanical beauties. I was a florist for more than 20 years, but my blog is another place for me to let my ideas bloom. Here are some links to some of my flowery posts.
Handful of Gum Leaves
Wedding Bouquet
Daisy Chain
Watermelon and Flowers

Fun with photos

I like styling and taking fun photos as you'll see in these posts.
Blowing in the wind
A little break
Fobble Bobbles
Octopus's Garden

Tall tales

Sometimes I have adventures in lands of fabric, and sometimes I just like to tell stories...
My Summersault Adventure
My Doll Quilt Arrived
I've been Adventuring
A Colourful Hexagon Adventure
Mug Rug Poem

Festive Cheer

Christmas is always celebrated with fun posts.
Santa's Reindeer
A Christmas Adventure
On the twelfth Day Of Christmas 

And hello Halloween!
Jack O Leafy's Halloween, Rachaeldaisy style
Trick or Treat

Assortment of random goodies

I like to throw unexpected random posts into the mix at times. 
Hexing Around
Ceramic Swoon Houses
Tea towels

Little bits of sewing

I don't do a lot of sewing other than quilts but here are a few posts with other crafty bits ad pieces I've made.
Sis Boom to the Resue/ Happy Flags
Sewing Circles tutorial
Magnetic Dynamic Quilt
Wall Vases
Denim Birds

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