Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, children and chickens,
 it's the moment you've all been waiting for... 
The unveiling of my 
Happy As A Clam quilt!!!

The zaniest quilt from down under. 

With butterflies, bicycles and big bits of watermelon

And secret gold stars hidden in a pocket.

It's one of those quilts that the more you look the more you'll see. 

Even the back is a daisy garden of fabrics. Some of you might remember I made a quilt of squares back in March, and I said it might just pop up again one day. Well here it is...

Yes, that's right, I made a quilt, quilted it and then sewed the clam shells onto it. 

I should add that I hand sewed them on because I couldn't imagine quilting a denim top with all it's embellishments with my domestic sewing machine. 

This is the part you tell me I'm crazy, and I'd agree wholeheartedly! I could only sew a row a day because it's was tiring for my hands sewing through denim, cotton binding, cotton and batting. I don't recommend doing it this way. It was the vision of the final quilt and my determination that got me through and I'm very happy I persevered.

Happy as a Clam in fact!!

And even happier than a clam when I found out I've won an award at the Sydney Quilt Show!!! Oh My Golly Gumboots!! It got 3rd place in the Anything Goes- Mixed Media category. The cream rosette award ribbon looks as though it was made for the quilt. 

But the best thing is receiving such great feedback and comments from people. Thank you everyone!!

For those who are wondering the clams are 8 inches across so the final quilt is 56 x 72 inches. I was planning to make the quilt square but when I got to that point I was having so much fun decorating the clam shells I just had to continue. I ended up with 111 clam shells which just sounds like the right number for such a whimsical quilt.

 I forgot to take a photo of the label on the quilt but here is the design on the fabric before I cut out the circle and sewed it on.

I'm off to the show again, just running out the door now to catch my train... If you see me at the show say hello!
I'll be back with another show post soon. I've still got to tell you about the other award I received.