Happy As A Clam is finished, label and all. Yippee!! I've delivered it to my designated drop off person for the Sydney Quilt Show that opens next week. It's my first time of entering a quilt in the Big Show as I call it, after all there are usually about 450 quilts hanging. Of course I'm a bit nervous and excited but I'm confident that my denim clam shells will add something a bit different to the variety of quilts that make it such a great show. I'll wait to do the big unveiling of the quilt until next week so I can share photos of it hanging. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this bunch flowers I've picked for you.

I've spent most of my life around flowers. When I was a little girl I'd pick flowers and make daisy chains. I enjoyed pressing and drying flowers, watching them transform into something that would last forever. A favourite game was finding pretty fuchsias and pretending they were fairies with full ball gowns. I'd decorate little fairy palaces made of rocks and sticks with petals and leaves. 

So then in my early 20's it seemed like destiny when I got a job in a big busy flower shop known for it's range of beautiful exotic blooms. It was the dream job, very hard work but lots of fun playing with flowers, plants, sticks, leaves, fruit and all things botanical. Even sweeping was enjoyable as I'd make piles of leaves mixed with colourful petals and broken flower heads. Since then I've always worked with flowers or plants.

I sometimes think quilting is a lot like floristry. Working with a feature flower/fabric and coming up with the way of how can it be best presented. Or starting with a design in mind and picking the flowers/fabric that match the design. There are times in a flower shop where you have to use up leftovers and like a captivating scrap quilt they are quite often they are the most beautiful arrangements of all. The one benefit sewing has over floristry is your hands don't get dirty from stripping leaves from stems. And after all the rose thorns I've endured you would think I'd be immune to being pricked with needles but no, it hurts.  Ouch!

I know these aren't flowers but trees are fun too! Especially palm trees that make you think of tropical holidays,

And trees that grow button fruits.

Wishing you a fun flowery day!! And watch out for flower fairies :)