It's time for more clam shells!!

A happy cat for Tonya.

Here's a cute kitty dancing in the rain.

From the same fabric, here's a rabbit with a shoe on her head! How surreal!! I wonder if it's from a fairytale? 

Hello little bunny, How does your garden grow? 

I must like rabbits because here's another one.

And a fluffy tail bunny hopping over a seam.

There's only one little dog, but he's a sweetie.

Curious George came to play in the clam shells

He's always up to something!!

Do you think this little girl looks a bit too green?

This one is happy because she's got daisies in her hair.

Another smiling face. 

And something unexpected. 

Little friends in stripey socks.

and some with bunches of balloons.

Lets finish up with some merry dancing!!

 I hope you're not getting tired of seeing these clam shells yet. I've still some fun flowery ones to show 

And some surprise ones too!!

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