Years ago I used to watch a show called Surprise Chef. In each episode Aristos the chef would surprise someone in the supermarket and offer to make dinner using the things in their shopping cart. I was always impressed at how he easily he'd transform the oddest combinations into an amazing 3 course dinner.
If Aristos the chef came across my shopping trolley and found the following ingredients I wonder what he'd make?

How about Carrots glazed in cinnamon and honey served with Smiley Ketchup?

Dessert would be Strawberry icecream 

Served with wedges of refreshing watermelon.

Followed by a nice cup of  Blue Daisy tea. 



While I've sewed these clamshells we've had all sorts of weather.

I think you can tell this one was stiched on a hot summers day.

It was always lovely when there was a breeze in the evenings and we could enjoy watching the bunting dance.

Then there were extra windy days, perfect for flying kites,

And those inevitable rainy days. (This clamshell is only half finished, but you get the idea)

Luckily there's a fun umbrella.

I would often stitch away until the moon and stars shone brightly in the sky 

And I'd watch for a falling star to put in my pocket. 

So which clamshells will I show next? I still haven't shown you the flowers, and I have a few others to share too, so stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Happy as A Clam.