A while ago now I started a clamshell quilt made with denim. Yes I know that sounds crazy but you all know by now I like a challenge. I'm still putting the finishing stitches in my Happy As A Clam quilt but I thought I'd do some posts showing the clamshells. They're all different and it's quite a zany mix of themes as you'll see over the next few weeks. I've used different types of applique - raw edge, needle turn, wool felt, even some iron-on patches I've collected over the years. I've done decorative hand stitches on some, and even played with different stitches on my sewing machine. This quilt is all about having fun. 

Okay that's enough chatter,  let's look at some clam shells!

Some of these circles in the next photo are also in my header.  They were sitting there in my sewing room waiting to be used for another project but they ended up on a clamshell instead. 

Hearts are so lovely.

Fancy sewing machine stitches! It was about time I used those stitches for something!  I've always thought the ant stitch would be fun on a picnic blanket. 

Once you start sewing little crosses it's hard to stop!

I'm a real sucker for iron-on patches. It's great to make a quilt where I can use them. 

I'll cut it off there and save some for other posts. Tell me which you'd like to see next - The flowery clamshells or ones decorated with doilies and trims?