Roll up! Roll up! one and all.
It's time to continue our clamshell parade.
I'm eager to show you
the next group I made.

My aim with these was something
pretty and sweet to sew.
But with a contrast with denim
something to make it glow.

So I searched in my drawers
for the right ingredients to use.
Soon doilies, daisys, lace
and rick rack became my muse.

I sewed and stitched,
and after a while,
I had finished clamshells,
stacked in a pile.

So here they are for you to see,
presented in a show.
Which is your favourite?
I'm curious to know.

In case you haven't seen Part 1 of the clamshell parade and want to know more pop back to this post.

Stay tuned, next time I'll be showing Flowery clamshells, or maybe Things with Wings...