I'd been hearing the cool blues of denim call my name and I thought I'd see if I could use a pile of old jeans to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt. 

I started with free-pieced arcs to get a feel for the basic DWR layout. 

Traditional piecing with denim would be tricky so applique became the next choice. I tossed around the idea of frayed edges for the arcs but chose a more colourful and neater option of binding the edges. 

I decided to make and fully quilt the background first. That way I wouldn't be quilting through the added layer of the arcs as well as the denim and batting sandwich. 
I also wanted a bit of contrast with the look of the denim of the arcs and the background. Quilting with a lot of colourful perle8 thread added colour and texture to the background while I've kept the arcs as plain denim.
As I quilted I would lay the arcs or draw tailors chalk marks to give me a rough guide to the layout as I was stitching so I could play with different patterns in different areas of the quilt. 

Once the background was finished I simply sewed the arcs into place.

I made the joining squares irregular to add interest.The slight wonkiness adds a bit friendly movement. 

And circles are always a great addition to any quilt :)

I've been asked if it was hard to quilt through the denim.  I guess it was harder ... but then I was so intent on getting it done I didn't think about the difficulty. I just used a bigger, stronger needle and used my trusty rubber circle to give me some grip if the needle got stuck. 

I did bend a few pins in the making of this quilt. 

The quilt is really quite soft and flexible considering it's thicker layers and would make a cosy lap quilt...

...but for now I'll enjoy it hanging in the prized position on my lounge room wall. 

The two layers of denim have earned this quilt the name of The Double Denim Wedding Quilt. While it's not as whimsical as some of my quilt names, I think it suits it.  It ended up 47 inches square. 

But wait! that's not all ... I've got some arcs left over and they're on my design wall. I'm tossing around another idea of how to use them. Let's see what I can come up with...

P.S. Here's a link to some more photos of the quilting.