Well, here we go , a tutorial of sorts on how to make a Sunny Day in Swoon Town quilt. A big thanks to Pat Sloan and all the lovely people who have said such wonderful things about my little quilt. 

My little quilt is based on the fabulous Swoon quilt designed by Camille Roskelley. It is not my pattern so I can't show you how to make the whole block but I can share how I made the little houses and incorporated them into the block. I did change the block slightly to fit the houses in but if you wanted to make the proper Swoon blocks Camille's way is much easier and better!

I should add the Swoon pattern lends itslf to all styles of fabrics and colours. There's a zillion great examples in Swoon along at flickr. All in all it's just one of those great patterns. 

There are probably a zillion ways to sew half triangles onto squares and make Flying Geese blocks and they're all probably better than my methods but this is how I went about making my little houses,  I'm just showing the way I went about it.

Lets start with the corner houses...

Pick out 1x house square (6.5in)  and 1xgreen (3.5in) green shrub square. 

Draw a line diagonally across the green shrub square on the wrong side of the fabric

Place the green shrub square onto the house square 

 and sew right next to the line on the side closest to the corner. Sewing next to the line will compensate for the tiny bit of fabric that will get lost when the fabric is folded over.

Fold the green shrub square over to create a triangle corner on the square. 

Cut away the excess at the back to reduce bulk.

and do the same thing on the opposite side.

 Attach a roof square in the same way.

Cut out little squares and rectangle door shapes. I simply placed them in position to create a cute house look. Make sure the door rectangle is placed a little lower so it get sewn into the seam when sewing the bottom fabric on. 

Theses pieces are so small I didn't use glue or fusible webbing. I simply popped them on and sewed in a sketchy way close to the edge of the shapes. If you wanted a neater look you could zig zag stitch around the shapes or even piece the windows and door in the house square. I went for a quick easy option and I like the look. 

Now you can sew the bottom square on. 

Next up are the rectangle houses.

Grab a rectangle (6.5 x 3.5in) and some window squares and a door

And make them look like your dream house.

For the roof make a flying geese block that finishes at 6.5in. This is how I made mine...
Get 1 rectangle roof fabric (6.5in) and a cloud square (3.5in) and attach by sewing diagonally across the cloud fabric.

Fold over and trim.

and repeat on the other side.

 Sew the roof to the house and now you have a happy home.

The green shrubs in between the houses are finished off with half square triangles.

Assemble the bits...

...and voila! Sunny Day in Swoon Town!!

I like this one even better than my first one but it's silly having two so give me a couple of weeks to get this one quilted and bound and then I'll have a giveaway. I'm sure this little Swoon Town would brighten up someone's wall. 

Here are some handy links:-
Thanks Pat for putting my little quilt in the spotlight :)

PS. If you make a Swoon Town , please send me a photo or a link to a photo, I would really love to see it!! Truly I would. Plus it's good encouragement for me to keep sharing my ideas.