Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A quilt class and a quilt show!!

My posts seem to be getting longer and longer but it's all lovely colourful quilt stuff so surely that's a good thing.

It was the Tuesday Material Obsession class yesterday
These ladies are really creating amazing blocks and even finished wall hangings. Here are just a few bits of show and tell...

Christina is great at mixing colours.

Denuta made a wall hanging that includes lots of ric rac highlights.

Helena is addicted to doing these feature fabric blocks. I'm hope she'll keep going with these wonderful Kaffe Collective fabrics.  

This gorgeous shell fabric...

...became this fun block.

How cute are these can-can-lady legs. 

And of course every class has quilters fuel..

Thank you Tuesday ladies!! We always have such a fun time!!


Last Saturday I went to The Caring Hearts Quilters airing of the quilts. It is one of my favourite shows to visit because there's something special about seeing quilts hanging outside, especially in the wonderful setting of the Australian Arms Hotel Museum.

As you scroll through the photos you'll see how they make the most of the buildings to showcase their quilts and if something doesn't move it has a quilt draped over it. 

The Caring Hearts Quilters are a group of 9 quilters who make quilts for various charities, organisations and hospitals. They use donated fabrics, UFOs, quilt tops and quilts. It's amazing to think all of these wonderful quilts are made by so few from what they have on hand.
The quilt show raises money so they are able to pay for essentials such a batting and thread. 

As you can see from the blue skies the show was blessed with the most beautiful day.

 I like seeing the quilts dance in the breeze.

and the wonderful variety of quilts,

from traditional, to bright modern styles, pretty applique and lots of scrappy happy quilts. 

Sometimes there would be curious museum pieces peeking out from behind the quilts.

Every quilt show should have a few wagons to display quilts on. 

More quilts!! They were everywhere!! I'm not sure exactly how many but I would say there were at least 150 quilts. It's wonderful to think that all of these quilts will go out into the community to brighten peoples days.

  Let's finish with a beautiful heart quilt.

I hope you've enjoyed the show as much as I did. To find out more about the Caring Heart Quilters visit their Facebook page here. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

An action packed April..

Here we are in April!! The leaves are just starting to get their autumnal colour, the nights are cooling and we're enjoying lovely gentle sunny days.

And April is shaping up to be an action packed month for me..

First up. I am honoured to have been invited to participate in an exhibition called Textiles Out Of Context. The show features innovative works by 20 textiles artists of the Blue Mountains, with weaving, spinning, knitting, costume design textile art, felt work, embroidery, quilting (that's me!!) and more.

The exhibition is on now at Braemar House and Gallery, 104 Macquarie Rd. Springwood, Blue Mountains until 30th April. The Gallery is open from 10-4pm Thursday - Sunday. Entry by gold coin donation

The official opening is tomorrow night ( Saturday 8th April) at 5.30pm - 7pm. and every one is welcome so if you're in the neighbourhood come along. There will be drinks and nibbles and amazing art. 
I'm not going to show my work until after the exhibition closes because I don't want to spoil the impact for those who go to the show, but I can show you a peek that has been used for promotion.

And here's a photo I took when I was making it. Rachaeldaisy Barbie couldn't help getting in on the action.

Now to a different city, well cities in fact!! Whizz Bang! has left to go on tour. First stop is Melbourne to hang at the Australian Quilt Convention and after that it travels to the big craft shows in each state as part of the Bernina Best of Australia exhibit. 

I don't think I ever showed the backing of Whizz Bang on my blog so here it it. Very scrappy and happy and some of my most favourite fabrics. It's made me curious about the other entrants backings. I wonder if any have colourful pieced backs? 

For me pieced backs honour the tradition of making do for patchwork and quilting. I think of all of those vintage pieced utilitarian quilts.

It won't be long until I get to see Whizz Bang! again because for once I'll be travelling to see one of my travelling quilts on show!

 Looks who's a Special Guest of AQC !!!

I'll be at by quilt every day of AQC at the Best of Australia exhibit between 11and 1pm so please come and say hello. I'm so looking forward to meeting lots of my blog friends and meeting new ones!!
I've never been to AQC so am making the most of being there. We're going to the opening cocktail party, have tickets for the Luke Haynes lecture and I have the most colourful dress ever made to wear to the Gala Dinner.
Years ago when I was a florist in Melbourne I would work on big displays for the Flower and Garden Show held at the beautiful heritage Exhibition Building so it's will be wonderful to visit again and see it full of amazing and beautiful quilts. I wonder if there's still a dent in the pillar where I knocked it with a big trolley of flowers.. oops.

Talking of florist days, I've been going through old photos and picked out a couple to show you.

It might be hard to see because the photo was taken through a window. I made a giant spider using moss for the body and pandanus leaves for the legs. It's sitting on a spider web of branches with big vine cocoons in the background.

Flowers of a different type - Zucchini flowers from the garden stuffed with feta.

And a lovely leafy smile. 
I hope you've got fun things planned for April too!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Best time in Coffs Harbour!!!

A couple of weeks ago Mr Daisy and I filled the daisymobile with quilts and headed off up the highway to Coffs Harbour.

Coffs is well known for it's Big Banana,

and beautiful beaches,

and while we did visit both

our main reason for going there was because I'd been invited to teach some workshops at the wonderful Nesting Needles Patchwork Shop in the heart of town.
I wish I'd taken a photo of the entrance where there was a table and chair set up for patient husbands but I was too busy being swept up by the happy welcome from the owner of the shop, Lisa

And then I got caught in the trance of looking at fabulous fabrics. There were aisles of fabric with shelves full to the ceiling with wonderful eye candy!!

Everywhere you looked!!

All different styles, eras and colours.

There would be the perfect fabric for every quilt in this shop, and lots of bolts to inspire new quilts!

As I said in my last post, I get so caught up with teaching that I forget to take photos but here are a few from the two lots of 2 day workshops teaching blocks from my Whizz Bang! quilt.

All the ladies I met were so lovely, and I loved their enthusiasm for sewing these different blocks.

I really got the sense that Nesting Needles was a heart of a community not just a shop that sells fabric. It takes a special knack and the right people to make that happen. 

Lots of busy sewing!


and fun conversations.

We had this very cute little fellow join the class one day. Not only does Lisa run a patchwork shop she also breeds pedigree cats. The ladies had some fun stories about Lisa's pet birds visiting the shop too. 

There was lots of sewing fuel.

And Lisa would make the most AMAZING lunches!!! 

served with a refreshing drink!!

And the end of the days there was lots of Whizz Bang! show and tell!! 

I love all these beautiful and bright sparks that will become wonderful quilts, cushions, bags, pot holders, and other fun things.

My most heartfelt thanks to Lisa for being such a wonderful host and all of the lovely people at Nesting Needles who made me feel so welcome. I'll be working on fun new ideas for workshops next year.  

Each day after the classes Mr Daisy and I would go exploring. 
The weather was quite wild and rainy while we were there but it seemed to magically clear up so we would wander around and take in the views.

We watched waves,

 walked on piers,

admired rockscapes,

followed paths that took us to beautiful places,

Sometimes it got very dark and stormy but that just made it even more picturesque in that grand 
moody way.

We visited the Botanic Gardens

I'd never seen a musical note plant before.

I can't resist following paths

to see where they go.

I know this is the longest blog post ever but I have to include some photos of where we stayed as well. I found it through AirBnB and we got lucky. It felt like a home away from home. 

Once again Coffs Harbour put on a warm welcome for us.

Beautiful morning sunlight on the deck.

This is where I would sit in the mornings and drink my cups of tea and check my instagram.

Mr Daisy set up his office at this desk while I was at Nesting Needles. 

The perfect couch for relaxing on at the end of the day.

and because every home should have a gong!

So that's it for now. Thank you for being patient with me and all my photos. It was such a special trip and we had such a wonderful time. It's hard to put all of that into just a few photos and words. 

If you're ever in Coffs Harbour here is the website for Nesting Needles, 
Or follow along their facebook page here


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