Friday, March 31, 2017

Classy fun at Material Obsession

This little sock monkey is like a guardian of the classroom. He watches over us and makes sure we're all having fun. As you can see he takes his job very seriously.

Now I have to say straight up - I'm not very good at taking photos. I get so immersed in teaching and helping people that I rarely remember to reach for the camera but I do have a few glimpses of our colourful times together. 

We love the mini irons, so handy and lightweight when ironing lots of little pieces.



Proof that its all just one big sewing party.  

 Jane went from this little blue center 

To this gorgeous flower.

 Christina keeps her triangles nice and neat. 

Very handy for picking the fabrics for this beauty.

Helena used such fun fabrics, the colours of tropical punch.

Here is her finished block with a background of her giant knitting.

Denuta's beautiful center
 became a ric rac star

Denuta also finished another one of her blocks as a cushion

Lyn's gorgeous pine burr is like lavender, rosemary and thyme.

As promised to those who are too far away to visit Material Obsession here are some photos of the shop.

How fun are these big scissors that are casually leaning on the wall near the entrance! 

I'm sure some of you will recognise this quilt airing on the rails as Round the Garden by Wendy Williams. It was the cover quilt of Simply Moderne #4.

A luscious wall of colour! Loving the row of cushions/pillows along the top.

I was lucky to see these gorgeous quilt in the flesh. Swoon!! It's Kathy Doughty's quilt made using Robin Ruth Designs special rulers that make compasses super easy. I love the size of the blocks and the opportunity they give to play with bigger scale fabrics. Of course Kathy is known for using such fabulous fabric combinations. If you're interested the rulers and pattern are available from Material Obsession. 

I still have more fun class photos to share - from workshops in Coffs Harbour, a friendly town by the ocean, I'll save those up for the next post.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dusting off the blog cogs...

Oh my poor neglected blog!! I feel as though it's a house that has been locked up for too long and now is covered in silvery cobwebs and a coating of dust. As I wander through the rooms I remember happy times and hear the echoes of laughter.

Well, those merry times are calling me back so I'm going to get my peacock feather duster out, polish up the blog cogs, and get all my recent stories ready to tell.

For now I'll let some fresh air in with this random selection of photos that I've taken over the past few weeks...

Frangipanis are such a favourite flower! The way they fall from the tree is as though Mother Nature is saying "Here- take them home, put them in your hair, give one to a friend.. whatever you do enjoy them!"

Most awesome collection of fabrics ever! 
A generous gift from the heart of a beautiful friend with a beautiful heart!!

I have a 'thing' for colourful pegs. Is that weird?

A big love flower for a dear friend.

 I found a heart of gold!

A 7 year old top, still waiting to be quilted...

 I didn't style this next photo, a few raspberries sprinkled on yoghurt and it turned out as pretty as a picture. Eaten on our deck in the autumn sun.

I love how croton leaves look like leaves of fire!

 So is that enough for now?  I'll have a cup of tea or two and return with lots of colourful photos from my Whizz Bang classes.


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