Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guess What ?

I'm the Featured Blogger in the current edition of Down Under Quilts. 

How cool is that? It's a 3 page spread with answers to all sorts of questions about blogging, surrounded by photos of my quilts. 
I'm really pleased about the focus on my blogging because I do make an effort to make my blog a friendly place to visit, with nice photos, and things to make you smile, and a bit of inspiration here and there. 
Watch out for the magazine in newsagents. The edition is all about Christmas and there are a variety of holiday projects. As a bonus it also comes with a handy 6 inch square ruler. 
A big hello and welcome to anyone who has found their way here after reading the article. 

I always say one of the best things about blogging is the friends you make. Kelly from Pinkadot Quilts is one of my oldest blogging friends. We found each other about 4 years ago and we've followed each others sewing adventures since then. She surprised me recently with this package of goodies. 

I know your eyes went straight to the chocolate bar, but check out the contents of the cute pouch. It's a Hexagon Sewing Kit, complete with pretty hexagon papers, cute scissors, and a pink hexie flower to start me off.

I'm not sure if it was intentional but I like the way the center of the hexie flower has the word "celebrate". What better way to celebrate such a fun gift than to make more hexagon flowers. 

I haven't had much time for sewing recently. My main endeavour has been painting my sewing room. The room has had 3 coats of white paint now and is a lot brighter and lighter than the 'Before' photo I showed a few posts ago. It's like a blank canvas waiting for lots of colour to be added. I can hardly wait for the weekend when I can start moving my furniture and fabric in. Hopefully it wont be too long until I'm properly settled in and ready for sewing. 

I always like to end with some colour so here are some yarn-bombed bicycle racks I saw on my way to work. 

Colourful woolly stripes dotted dotted with flowers.

And there's even a bee!

Seeing things like this just makes my day!! 

I hope it's added some colour to yours.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fabric Fun Times

A parcel full of these wonderful blocks arrived in my mail box last week. Aren't they pretty? 

A little while ago I joined in a Nine-Patch swap organised by Barb of Fun with Barb blog. A huge thanks to Barb for organising such a great swap! She has a really clever way of making these blocks quickly and efficiently, which was handy because in the end there were 50 participants so we ended up having to make 100 blocks each!! 

It's really quite a wonderful feeling having a collection of blocks made by 50 different people. Imagine that! If you had all those quilters together in one room it would be quite a party! 

I haven't decided how to use the Nine-Patches yet. I'll save them up for when I'm settled in my new sewing room and I have access to a design wall again.  Not long now...

Here are the blocks I sent. I used my civil war reproduction fabrics. I don't use them often but I have quite a stash of them. At the moment I have the repro fabrics separated in their own area but I've been wondering if I should just throw them in with the rest of my stash that I have organised by colour so that they get mixed with more modern fabrics. 

My hexies are a good example of what I mean. They're a concoction of civil war fabrics mixed in with 30's fabrics, a few modern fabrics, text prints and some classic spots and gingham. What a fun eclectic mix! It's more about playing with colour than being limited by an era or type of pattern. 

I finished sewing the hexies together today. I've decided to make two Dilly Bags. 

Lets hope I don't dilly dally and I get them finished and sewn into bags before too long. 

I also managed to get some quilting done this weekend. 

It's been so hot so I was glad I'd used predominantly cool, refreshing whites with black fabrics in my simple quilt of squares.

*Exciting News Flash!* I was very honoured to receive an email from Amy of Amy's Creative Side to say Happy As A Clam has been nominated for a Viewers Choice Award in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. A huge Thank You to all of you who nominated my quilt!!
If you'd like to vote for Happy As A Clam you can do so at the Viewers Choice page. It's worth popping over to see which quilts made it to the finals. All the quilts are amazing so it'll be tricky to pick your favourites. 
If you feel like voting for Oi Emu in the Art Quilt category you can do that here.
You can also vote for Happy as A Clam here in the Original Design category. 

Here's a vase of tulips to end this post for no reason other than they look bright and springy. 

Have a fun, colourful week!


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