Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little Lucy at Large

Lucy's next adventure is overseas and we realised we had to apply for a passport. You know how these things take time, so Lucy has been filling her days hanging out with Lulu and Minkey. Here she is sharing her beautiful quilt made by Shay of Quilting in my Pyjamas with her friends. They love telling Lucy stories and of course she's all ears!!

Her passport was soon ready. Apparently celebrity rabbits are allowed to have special colourful passports
It's officially stamped and dated...

Lucy and I checked she had all she needed for her journey. A sturdy backpack, a shawl and beanie for cool days, a magic carrot that no matter how much she nibbles on it it'll grow back in a flash. A very handy travel snack.

I packed some books for her to read on the flight.

Just one more thing before leaving ... She helped me sing a jolly round of Happy Birthday... :)
Bye Lucy, Have fun on your wild and woolly adventures!!
Lucy is off to stay with Linda at Natural Suburbia blog. Pop over and have a look at her patterns for knitted flowers and vegetables and critters. Lucy is going to feel right at home!! You can follow Lucy's travels on her blog Lucy's World Trip.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing Favourites

I love fancy dress parties! One of the best themes I've ever come across was Wear the thing in your wardrobe that you love but never wear.

Two of my favourite bloggers Suz of PatchworknPlay and Mary of Molly Flanders are co-hosting of a linky party with a similar theme. To show off our very favourite fabrics. The ones we're almost too scared to cut into or we only use in little pieces to ration out the magic. It's nice to get them out and shake their little booties in a fabric dance of appreciation.

Everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Nuala by Sis Boom, especially in the red/aqua colourway. I had a mere half a meter and used it in a hexagon quilt, the scraps were used in a happy scrappy quilt... and only then did I realise it was out of print and I couldn't get any more! Arrghh!!

It explains why I'm so crazy in love with the newly released Matilda from Sis Boom's West Indies range.
Some might say obsession, but I say it's passion that has lead me to my present project of a whole quilt of Matilda with some Nuala in different colours. It's just waiting for borders now.

As for my other fabrics, I have a cupboard full of favourites!! I know they've all got their place at the right time, in the right project. But here's a few to make you smile...

Liberty's of London is so popular. These next two are my little Liberty's collection. So pretty and yet a bit disturbing... houses on fire... factory pollution...
Playing I Spy with this fabric reveals motorbikes, planes, machine guns, lacy knickers..

The next fabric is by Heather Ross. Her portrayal of people at swimming pools is just so sweet and fun.
I love anything by Suzuko Koseki. I haven't put this fat quarter away in my cupboard yet, I like having it around to look at.

One more to show you. I'm not sure what this fabric is called but it's by Joel Dewbury from his Deer Valley range. I like to think of the little flower as a blue daisy. The red is so scrumptious.
Are you curious about what I wore to that themed party? Well, here I am, 20 years and 20 kilos ago..
If you want to join in the Fabric Favourite fun pop over to Suz's or Mary's blogs

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's Lucy

It's my pleasure to introduce the lovely Lucy. She comes from a family in Far North Queensland, Australia. A few months ago she told her mum, Jenni, she wanted to see the world and off she went. I heard a little knock on my door last week and there she was with her little bag, her lucky carrot and her beautiful quilt.

Lucy came with me to work on the train to Sydney. We chatted about her travels so far. She hasn't made it overseas yet but she's seen more of Australia than I have! Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth... and now Sydney!! The view of the Harbour Bridge greeted us at Circular Quay Station where we got off.

A hop, skip and a jump and we arrived at the flower shop in time for a busy day at work.
Lucy helped me set up the shop. I like her taste in flowers, her favourites were these red Banksia Coccinea.
She also liked the forest of Cymbidium Orchids!
This native Gymea Lily is a like a giant triffid compared to little Lucy.

She may be small but she has a big heart!!

She made some friends...
But also had fun entertaining herself

We didn't forget the Opera House!!

The next day I got to show off where I live. The beautiful Blue Mountains! From city shop flowers to wild, free range bush flowers.
That's not a rabbit hole Lucy!
Breath taking scenery from Govett's Leap near Blackheath. This view amazes me every time!
And a beautiful clear, sunny, spring day!!
Besides sight seeing Lucy and I have had a fun time, talking about quilts, eating cupcakes, reading peoples blogs. It's been lovely spending time getting to know Lucy but I know she has places to go and people to meet. She's excited about her next bit of travel where she finally gets to leave Australia and head for strange far away lands...

You can keep up with her adventures on her blog Lucy's World Trip.

A little side note, Lucy's visit was perfect timing to share my last week of working at the flower shop. I've been a florist for 20 years and it's about time I had a change!! My hands, back and feet are already thanking me. And no more commuting for 4 hours a day!! Woohoo!! I haven't left the botanical world behind as I'll be working in a wholesale nursery. It was my first day today, and once I get through the learning part it'll be a fun job!! And with a bit of luck I may even have more time to sew...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Kangaroo On A Pogo Stick

is how I describe my tendency to jump from project to project.

I've been filling in quiet moments with some hand quilting.
And working on my Seven Sisters block for the Springwood Community Quilt Show raffle quilt.
But when this parcel of Matilda from Sis Boom's West Indies range arrived I had to drop everything!! I've been so busting for this fabric!! It's just so pretty and those colours are so Me!!
I added some fat quarters of Nuala from the Girlfriends range for a bit more colour variety.
And came up with an Amish influenced quilt, using fabrics inspired by the vibrancy of the West Indies. It sounds like a wild combination but I think it works. So far it's 54 inches. The plan is to add some borders, or more blocks to take it up to queen size. I also want to make pillow cases in all the colours to match. Oh Matilda how I love thee!!
While I was taking a sewing break in the sunshine a Crimson Rosella stopped to say hello!!
I had to laugh. Do you think he was trying to get into my quilt?

I wonder which of my zillion projects I'll play with next...


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