Thursday, September 30, 2010

All Work and No Play...

Excuse me while I have a little daydream of winning the lotto and spending my days sewing, making bread, sewing, blogging, sewing, doing yoga, sewing, bike riding, sewing, exploring our lovely Blue Mountains, sewing and more sewing...bliss... sigh..

Until that happens I have to keep working. Being a florist, there's not many opportunities for full time work locally. To risk sounding like a snob, country flower shops don't have the range of flowers or are as busy as I can get in the city. It's totally understandable, as everyone up here has beautiful gardens full of flowers and nothing is as beautiful as home grown, garden fresh flowers!! So I travel into Sydney everyday to commit floristry. People sometimes ask me about my commute so here's a little post about my trip.

I love our station in Faulconbridge. It was opened in 1877 so has lots of old world charm to it. They repainted the windows and benches last year. They went from dark green to navy blue and bright yellows. Other stations still have dark green trimmings, so I guess we're just lucky.
It sits like an island between two platforms, simply one side goes into town, one comes out..

Some days I go in early and its still dark.

But the daylight hours are getting longer so most mornings we're entertained by breathtaking sunrises.
There's a row of once loved hedges. I like that they're all different sizes and a bit scruffy.

The quaint waiting room.

The painting is of Sir Henry Parkes aka the Father of Federation. He was the guy responsible for making the 6 seperate British self-governing colonies become the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. He lived in Faulconbridge for a while.

The train!! you can spot it in the distance winding down to our station through the hills. It reminds me of a big silver dragon.

Double decker trains!! We usually sit up the top because the view is better. Downstairs can be fun too, like sitting low down in a sports car.
The seats flip forwards and backwards so you can push them to suit the direction your travelling. Or face two towards each other if you in a group of 4.
Our 1.5 hour journey goes surprisingly fast on the way in. It seems a lot slower coming home. We can use the internet on our Iphones or Ipad. We get a lot of reading done. Sip on a tea from our Keep Cup (thanks for the recommendation Mandy!) or just stare out the window and daydream about sewing...

We fly over the mountains

down through the suburbs and into the city

I'm pretty lucky really because after a quick changeover at Central Station, a couple of stops later and this is where I get out...
One of the most beautiful city views in the world!! This photo is taken from the platform of the station. I wonder what visitors to Sydney think when they arrive here and see...
The Sydney Opera House!
and the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
I'll never get tired of that view. From there its just a hop skip and a jump to my shop. And another work day begins.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yee Haw


A Singing Chicken!
Hamster Boxing!
Mule Sniffing!

If this is the 2nd Greatest Show on Earth I wonder what the first is?

Why, The Springwood High Community Quilt Show of course!
Check out the blog to see our progress on the 2011 raffle quilt.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Block Party

Yippee!! I've finished all my little square donuts for the Fat Quarterly Quilt Along! I just love the feeling of sewing that final seam of the last block!! Knowing they're all finished and you're ready to move onto laying them all out. It makes me want to do a little touch down dance!! Yay!!

I'd been a little on the generous side when cutting my strips. I ended up with 188 blocks so I made a few extra to get me to 196. The right amount for a quilt of 14x 14 rows and therefore 84inches square. My fingers are in knots after doing those calculations!

Some of my strips were longer than others and gave me an extra square here or there and I found a few more in my scrap bag and made some little 9 patches. I'm thinking I might scatter a few through the quilt, just for interest's sake. I'll see when I lay it out... Maybe there'll be enough interest with all the crazy fabrics and the uniform look with suit the overall feel better... hmm ..we'll see.
I have to say these blocks have been a dream to sew! Easy peasy and so effective. They've come together in a flash so it's been a great sense of achievement. I'm reminded of prayer flags as I chain piece.
so I mutter a little prayer that my little pieces will work wonderfully together.

I'd just finished when the gong rang for lunch. Zucchini flowers stuffed with marinated feta. I don't make all these food things up, truely! I'm thinking I should start another blog called "The Delicious Things GBF Cooks". He's planning Seared Scallops in a Salmon XO Sauce for dinner, Beef Massaman Curry for tomorow. I'm so lucky! The Zucchini flowers were definitely delish, she says licking her fingers. ( not like Clair from Tea n Bickies)

The sound of Green Sleeves floated through the windows.. The ice cream truck!!! I managed to resist but the little girls next door each got a big snowy topped cone.

It was all just like one of my favourite Heather Ross Munki Munki fabrics.

I'm off to play around with layouts now. I have an appetite for dinner to work up!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunny Sunday

I've finished cutting all my strips into the required lengths for the Fat Quarter Quilt Along, ready for tomorrows sewing instructions. As I said in an earlier post I had lots of fun going through my fabric stash. So much fun in fact that I think I may have got carried away with how many strips I made. I haven't counted but it seems I may end up with a very big quilt. Or maybe I'll make some of the blocks into pillow cases. Oh well, the more the merrier.

I've been sorting through the piles and pairing them up ready for sewing. Some crazy combinations are being concocted.

I know this looks like a big topsy turvy mess but I prefer to think of it as organised chaos. :)

My sewing machine was jealous of my cutting board so I just made a few...

Gbf popped in and started talking about donuts. "Donuts?!?" I asked. He says these blocks look like square donuts. Good enough to eat!

He's such a sweetie. While I was having a party in my sewing room he was making lunch for us. Cauliflower soup with pecan rye bread! Served al fresco with a view! Complete with red rose!

I'm having such a great day!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

The David Jones Flower Show

Spring has sprung here in Australia! Being a florist that means lots of lovely things coming into season and busier times ahead with weddings, anniversaries and babies arriving. Incidentally September is the busiest month for babies, being 9 months after Christmas, New Years and all those festivities.

For me the 1st day of spring is the day the David Jones Spring Flower Show opens.

David Jones is Australia's big department store. To celebrate the arrival of spring the Sydney store is filled with flowers. Big window displays over 3 different streets wrap around the store. Inside, every counter on the first floor has arrangements. Big freestanding installations of flowers add a colourful welcome in the entrance ways.
Usually a theme for the designs is chosen and is carried throughout the store. For the 25th anniversary of the show a retrospective of different years' themes have been recreated in the window displays. I was surprised how many I remember.
These photos have been taken through the glass so excuse the reflections.
I enjoy seeing how the dresses on the mannequins match the displays.
Electric blue butterflies...

These phalaenopsis orchids are divine!!

And now to the inside of the store...

Flowers here, there and everywhere!!

Hello Blossom!
Sweet little birds.

Think "Abundance"
Think "Big!"
These hanging willow fronds gave the impression of a fountain.
Love, love, love these huge branches of silvery grey Eucalyptus macrocarpa!

Look at these spikey orange flowers at the sides of this arrangement. They're a South African flower called Leucospermum. What makes them so special??
They're also called Pincushions!!


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